The Spring Needlepoint Show 2020—Orlando, FL

The Needlepoint Trade Association's Spring Needlepoint Show 2020 will be held March 19-23, 2020 in Orlando, Florida.  Here is the website.


The new self-finishing clutches from Tilli Tomas/Planet Earth are here.  They come in a gusseted and a flat version.  Gone Stitching has them but they are not on their website.  Here are the photos from BeStitched.

Personalized items have their own page on Laurel Wheeler Needlepoint Designs now.

Thanks to Homestead, I know that Susan Roberts has updated her website with six pages of new items for 2020.  The new Tapestry Tent stockings are on the last page.  Start here—

Hilda Belle Treasures has a new product, their Needleminder Banners which will be a nice parking place for your needle magnets.

Annie Lane's latest canvas is "Identity Theft," available just in time for Easter.

Mindy has a new Love canvas with a box to match.

Morgan Julia has a new resort-themed collection.

Color Complements now offers hand dyed cotton floche.

Gone Stitching has a new self finishing zip clutch purse.

New from Morgan Julia Designs—a champagne bottle in bucket.

New from Love You More—a floral wreath on royal blue.

Kate Dickerson has celebrated the redesign of her website with two new collections, Chic Lifestyle and Judiaca.  Both will be available in the spring.

Raymond Crawford has done two Christmas/Hanukkah designs for Ridgewood Needlepoint.  The shop will be providing stitch guides and these should be available in March 2020.

Devon Nicholson has a new hilarious sayings pillow in Latin.  "Don't let the bastards get you down."

Mindy has two three new Asian inserts for clutch purses.  The purse comes with the hole but the insert will have to have the finisher make the holes for the chain.  FYI

Viola now offers round wicker purses that appear to have a loop closure.

Raymond Crawford has a fancy new bovine ready in January, 2020.

New from Carol at Associated Talents for 2020—

Enriched Stitch shows off a sneak peek at a new series that seem to be ladies with flowers and fabulous hair.

Tapestry Fair already has a new artist lined up, Christy Moeller.  Here's her Dia De Los Muertos piece, "Dragonfly."


Jeanene@Institches Atlanta said...

Hi Jane - It's Jeanene Weiner from In Stitches in Atlanta, GA. I wanted to let you know that I purchased Atlanta Needlepoint. I would love to fill you in!

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Hello, Jeanene. Congratulations! Tell all! I'm at chillyhollow at hotmail dot com

Jill K Dutcher said...

Hi Jane, Thank you so much for all the mentions of River Silks! It looks like you had a blast at the show. Great information.

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

You are welcome, Jill. It is my absolutely favorite ribbon ever! Alas, I didn't go to the show. I stayed at home and reported on the blogs, Facebook feeds and website updates. WHEW! It was probably quieter at the show!

Gail said...

thank you for keeping us updated.

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

You are welcome, Gail. I'm glad to be of some service to the needlepoint-obsessed!