COVID-19 and Needlepoint Fun

With so many of us stuck at home, our designers and shops are planning all sorts of special programs.  I'll list as many of these that I know about below. Remember to check your local shop to see their hours and if they are offering mail order or curbside delivery for that new project you finally have time to work on.  Many shops are posting photos or videos of their current inventory in their e-newsletters, on their Facebook or Instagram page, or their website; and many are offering free shipping or reduced shipping for now.


Yanja Berlin sells embroidery kits from Canada, which isn't needlepoint in the USA, but her challenges are similar to what our local shops are experiencing.

Doug Kreinik gives an update about how the company is coping.

The Local Needlepoint Shop Day Group on Facebook is gathering information about shops that are open for mail order, drive through, etc.  Just scroll through the listings.

Morgan Julia has a list of shops that are shipping threads, too.

You may enjoy listening to Melissa and Megan's podcast about how the shops are coping.

Lycette's Palm Beach owner talks about the impact the virus has had on their business in this Forbes article.

The Needle Bug in Montgomery, Alabama talks the challenges they face trying to get supplies with rising costs.


Labors of Love has a more hopeful 2021 ornament.

My Pink Sugar Life has a new "Herd Community 2021" design.

New (and very funny) from Laura Love Designs--

Want a Moderna vaccine shot canvas?  LazyLane Needlepoint has one.  They also have Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson versions in their Etsy shop.

The mean virus ornament conveys our anger well.  Designer unknown.

Needle Paint has a wonderful masked Santa canvas.  It's like printed, not hand painted, but I am told they do printed designs very well.

Stitch by Stitch has new Penny MacLeod canvases in their March 2021 newsletter. including new COVID hero pieces.

Judy Tasch Needlepoint has a cute vaccine 2021 design.

Victoria Whitson has a very different QR code canvas for the coronavirus.

Penny MacLeod has two new girl in mask ornaments available for pre-order which you can see at the very bottom of this shop newsletter.

Annie Lane has a new "C Ya 2020" canvas.

Kirkland Design Studio has a hilarious Will Stitch for Toilet Paper needle minder magnet.

Annie Lane has a limited edition Bye Bye 2020/Hello 2021 canvas.

Rebecca Wood has a new Coronavirus Easter Rabbit ornament.

Pink Petals has a new quarantine stole Xmas canvas.  

Love those Rebecca Wood COVID-themed ornaments?  Amy Bunger and Lori Carter have guides for them all.

Denise DeRusha has a new sugar skull wearing a face mask for the Day of the Dead person in your life.

Froopy Designs has a fun new 2020 wine glass canvas.

Love You More has a darling new Stay Home canvas.

Barbara's Needlepoint has a dumpster fire canvas.

Ginny's Gem Minders has face mask needle minders now available in white, black, pink and blue.

Candace Bahouth has a new rainbow heart kit that is on 10 mesh printed canvas for Ehrman.

My Pink Sugar Life has a new (and hilarious) broken Christmas ornament canvas for 2020.

Point2Pointe has a hilarious new 2020 in the rear view mirror design.

Vallerie Needlepoint Gallery has two new Covid-19 themed gingerbread people.

Rebecca Wood has a hilarious new Halloween Masked Witch with Coronavirus ornament.

Rebecca Wood also has two snowmen and a cardinal, all in their masks.

The Easter Imposter is Rebecca Wood's latest coronavirus design.  It features the Easter Bunny in a mask.

NeedlePaint has three new printed Santa in a mask designs—two ornaments and a stocking.

Cheryl Schaeffer has a trash can canvas now for 2020.

Enriched Stitch shows off canvases from their line or canvases they've done stitch guides for in this blog posting.

Rebecca Wood is regretting that reindeer with his mask.

Barbara's Needlepoint has created a cute ornament.

Princess and Me has "Global Angel" with her mask and scrubs.

Denise DeRusha has a fun new Day of the Dead sugar skull in a mask.

Needlepoint This in Dallas has quite a few coronavirus designs from And More plus local artist Paula VanWagoner in various sizes including toilet paper roll Christmas trees, a "We are all in this together" ornament, and lots of other toilet paper designs.

My Pink Sugar Life has a fallen ice cream cone ornament to summarize 2020.

My Pink Sugar Life has a darling Wash Your Hands and a Roll With It ornament, too.

Labors of Love has an obscene 2020 ornament that's brand new.  It is available as a round or square shape.

The Point of It All has a fun new "my sofa is my new office" design.

Needlepoint For Fun has the Frontline needlepoint kit that comes with beginner needlepointer instructions and all the threads you need to stitch it either in all tent or fancier stitches.  It is a printed needlepoint canvas and is currently (June 2020) backordered.  You'll probably need to provide your own scissors and needles but NP for Fun can help you if you are a beginner to make sure you have absolutely everything you need.

My Pink Sugar Life has a funny staycation 2020 canvas.

Ada Hayden of EyeCandy has a new abstract.

Two Needle Chicks has two toilet paper ornaments.

Kim Walton has some fun ornaments, one of toilet paper roll and the other of three people in masks.

Rebecca Wood has a hilarious reindeer ornament wearing a mask.

Lauren Bloch Designs has two three Piggy Coronavirus designs with stitch guides from Cynthia Thomas. has three Staywell ornaments.  These are printed, not painted and some with stitch suggestions.  These are a food bank fundraiser so half the profits go to a good cause.

Penny MacLeod of The Collection Designs has four five inch rounds of women in masks.

Patti Mann's artist Rose Hill Designs has lots of medical personnel in mask ornaments—female docs and people of color included.

Princess and Me has two wonderful medical personnel.

Labors of Love has the "Once This Is Over" ornament.

Meredith Willet has a Cover 19 design that comes with guide and beads.

Lisa Ferguson has a darling Wash Your Hands canvas.

Mountain Laurel Design has a fund-raiser geometric design called Corona Mosaic.

NeedlePaint has three new designs reminding us to Wash Your Hands.

The Point of It All Shop in D.C. has a new flatten the curve kit.

Kristine Kingman has created coronavirus-themed canvases in collaboration with Stitch-Stash.  Part of the profits will go to help hungry kids in the Baltimore area.

The Needlepoint Novelist has a painted canvas commemorating the visit of the USS Comfort to NYC.


Anna Pearson is having more Zoom classes.  Contact her for details.

Cynthia Thomas is going to have Zoom embellishment classes.  Contact Cynthia via her email address to get signed up.

Anna Pearson is having Zoom classes in the UK and reviews what her students are doing.

Sheena reviewed the Zoom embellishment class she just took with Bedecked and Beadazzled.  It sounds like a blast!

Fiber Talk is doing a daily podcast about stitching and there will be an Easter Stitch-a-thon.  Missed the live broadcasts?  Not to worry, you can easily catch up by clicking on the various links on the left side of the page.

Have you been thinking you might work on a heart from your stash for the Hearts for Hospice project?  Melita has collected a lot of information that will help you get started.

Meredith Willet is doing a free online stitch class she calls Quarantine Lessons.  Each day she posts a new stitch diagram (sometimes with variations) and suggests where to use it. Click on the PDF file for it to open.

Anna Person has started a new YouTube series of Top Ten Tips for Needlepoint.  Here're Parts One and Two:

Anna also has new kits that are perfect for using up your stash of leftover threads.

Hands Across the Sea has a free video tutorial on packed stem stitch.  Sure, it's on linen but switch to a sharp needle and you can work this just fine on needlepoint canvas.  Note that the outline is done first, then a dividing line down the middle, then filling in, keeping each stitch the same size.

Laura Taylor is offering one-on-one lessons and group stitching via your computer.  Contact her for details.

Ann-Marie of Beautiful Stitches has a new free design called Summer Fireworks to help you stitch away stress.

Kurdy Biggs of Threedles has posted a free chart on her website.  This is her 2014 design called Four Friends. is starting a new series they call Stitch and Go with "stitch printed" designs.  The first one is a fund raiser for a food bank to help folks impacted by the coronavirus.  It's called "Sally Staywell."  Available with or without threads.

Lisa at BeStitched is offering a 30 minute session for $25 via FaceTime if you have an Apple smart phone.  More contact information at the second link below.

Lisa has also posted this free stitch diagram from the gorgeous background in one of the wild animals in their Colors of Praise Wild Animals club.

Serendipity Needlework is doing a stitch in on Zoom.  Details here on Facebook.

Jody Valentine is posted videos on her Jody Designs-Needlepoint Facebook page.

Here's a bit about how shops are adjusting to social isolation.

The American Needlepoint Guild is posting free tips and small designs on their website.  The first item posted is a nice Sue Reed design, the second a small Pat Mazu ornament.

Colour Complements is selling a thread kit with a free design, and there should be enough thread to stitch it twice so you can play around with where you put the colors or you can do two of something in case you have sisters or two buddies you want to stitch for.

Enriched Stitch is doing a cyber class using the free Zoom app or a Chrome browser with your microphone and camera to participate.  There is no fee to do this but you'll have to buy the kit.

Enriched Stitch has also posted a list of kits that are available with stitch guides.  These are in stock as of today, but who knows about tomorrow?

Debbie Rowley is doing a brand new design called Quilt Block 1 as a stitch-a-long.  Here are the details:

Debbie had so much fun doing the free chart above that she's started another called Spring Quilt Block.

Debbie Rowley is doing a third free design, this time for Harlequin Dance Redux.

Sign of the Arrow is doing a Stitch Away Stress three part class with a free stitch guide for the Kirk and Bradley Yellowstone travel ornament.

There's a free design for a needlepoint lips face mask but I question how practical this is.  It probably is just for show since constant laundering face masks needs won't work well for a needlepoint canvas.

The American Needlepoint Guild is posting weekly free charts they call Hold Up Minis.  These are available to non-members, too.

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