Thursday, March 26, 2015

Playing with Julia Snyder

Linda at the NJNA blog (that's the New Jersey Needle Artists chapter of ANG) just took a canvas embellishment class with Julia Snyder at the Enriched Stitch in Connecticut.  Lucky for us, she wrote about it.  I'm particularly happy she talks a bit about how the class unfolded, since not every class is right for every student.  It's always good to know how a class is organized to see if that fits with one's own learning style.  Many thanks, Linda!

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Now Appearing at Woodlawn UPDATED

I've started assembling links to items about Woodlawn.  First, Melita has sent this profile portrait of Queen Elizabeth II to the show.

The New Jersey Needle Artists have all submitted "Frankies" to the show.*  If you are curious about the process, Sue describes it here.  The second link below shows off the various Frankies in all their glory.  The third is Linda's trip to see the show and the Frankies on display.

Here are the Frankies.  Photographs are only allowed if the stitcher wants to pose.

*UPDATE:  I forgot not everyone is familiar with Michael Boren's tribute to Frank Lloyd Wright's stained glass pieces.  This is his "Frankie" chart.

And this link is all about Sue's first trip to Woodlawn.

Brenda went to Woodlawn with friends and won ribbons!

In Stitches is the counted thread/knitting/needlepoint shop very close to Woodlawn.  They posted this photo on their FB page.  Since the photo was taken inside Woodlawn I assume this rug will be shown there.

In Stitches also talks a bit about a customer's pieces at the show in this blog entry.

Lynn posted a photo of her prize winning lobster on a checked tablecloth on Facebook. Isn't it charming!

Rona found this video (in Farsi?) taken at Woodlawn in 2013.  They don't normally allow photos but apparently this was taken for educational purposes. It not only shows off the range of items on display but gives you a feel for the old house.   Enjoy!

UPDATED AGAIN:  Melita reports on what she saw at Woodland.

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