Monday, July 31, 2017

Beading the Robin King Way UPDATED AGAIN

Anyone who has ever attempted (or plans to attempt) to add beads to their needlepoint canvas will want to read Robin King's latest blog entry. It's all (and I mean ALL) about beading!

Thank you for sharing your hard-won expertise, Robin!

UPDATE:  Robin has done a lesson on brick stitch beading in her next blog posting.  What fun!

UPDATE #2:  The last beading lesson from Robin talks about messy beading, beaded fringe, a line of beads, a stack of beads, lasso beading. and piggy backing beads to make dots.

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Fiber Talk Interviews Melissa Beck

The latest podcast from Gary and Christine at Fiber Talk is with a restoration expert, Melissa Beck.  I haven't had time to listen to this yet but I expect it will be very interesting.  We all have needlepoint we want to clean and some of us have restoration projects we would like to do.

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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Needle Size Guide

Serendipity Needleworks kindly posted this needle guide chart on their Facebook page.

Remember, it is only a guide.  The thickness of the thread and the stitch you are creating also effect what size needle you need.

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New Treats for the British Needlepointer

FlossCandy is an Etsy store with lots of girlish magnets, "grime guards" to cover Q Snaps, scissor fobs, "thread tidy" gadgets to hold threads, little notions cases and more.

It's located in the UK, which means overseas stitchers can easily buy instead of importing from the States.  If you like pink and green, like unicorns and ice cream, or enjoy FlossCandy's cheerful pastel style, this is a great place to browse.

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Choosing a Canvas for Embellishment

A lot of folks want to know just how to embellish a painted canvas. How do you know what stitch or thread to choose?   It all depends on the canvas and what it tells you.  Given that, picking the "right" canvas that will be easy to embellish is key, so I thought I'd talk about how I go about picking a canvas that I intend to embellish.

First of all, you have to like the canvas.  Even when you are stitching something that is a gift for someone else, at least pick a canvas that appeals to you.  That makes it more likely you'll finish the piece and enjoy the stitching journey. But besides liking the canvas, how do you proceed?  Let me illustrate what I am about to say with three similar canvases from Melissa Shirley Designs.  These are all Christmas ornaments in a pear shape.  First up is "White Bird Pear."

Secondly we have "Snowflake Pear."

And the last canvas is "Stripes and Dots Pear."  All three canvases are on 18 count and are 3 1/2 inches by 4 inches.  So what makes one a better candidate for embellishment than another?

To some extent that depends on how experienced a stitcher you are.  Many stitchers find birds difficult to stitch.  White Bird Pear is darling but it is a bird so I would not suggest this as a good first embellishment choice.  Think about what you find easy to stitch.  If canvases of people are hard for you, pick something without people.  If fur and feathers give you pause, go for another canvas.  I consider this a canvas for someone who is not a beginner at embellishment.

Now let's look at Snowflake Pear.  It is only two colors but the snowflakes are quite elaborate.  Stitching them is not for a beginner either.  The snowflakes scream BEADS to me but beads can be tricky to master as they are wiggly little things. The spaces between the snowflake areas mean a lot of compensation for the stitch used with the red background as well.   Why make your first embellishment canvas harder than it has to be?   So once again I'd pass on this canvas, even though it would be gorgeous embellished.

Stripes and Dots Pear is going to be a much simpler piece to stitch and embellish.  It is just stripes of various widths with some circles on the widest stripes.  Stripes can be done in cross stitches, tent stitches, herringbone, and many many many other stitches.  So you have a lot of simple stitches to choose from for this part.  The circles could be beaded, covered with buttons or sequins, or just stitches in a Round Rhodes stitch in a sparkly thread.  This is a much more basic design with only two elements.  This is the canvas I'd choose for a first embellishment effort.

To sum up, avoid animals or people in your first embellishment attempt, look for a design that is easy to compensate and try for simple shapes.  Of course beginners can embellish much more elaborate canvases successfully at their first attempt but why not start out easy and warm up your embellishment muscles?  Quick and easy, that's my motto for the first embellishment canvas!

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Friday, July 28, 2017

Getting to Know Rachel Donley

Lycette Designs has posted their latest interview on their blog and this time they are talking to Rachel Donley about how she started as a designer.  Fun!

If you want to see more of Rachel's work, visit her website.

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Fiber Talk and the Two Sisters UPDATED

This week's Fiber Talk interviews Preston and Grace Lynch, the siblings behind Two Sisters Needlepoint.

Their ideas about what it takes to interest folks, especially younger folks, in needlepoint are thought-provoking,  plus it's interesting to hear how they got interested themselves and how their company was born.  Here is their website.  Have fun browsing and watching the palm tree sway!

UPDATE:  Here's a bit more about Two Sisters.

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Kaffe Talks Needlepoint

You can't miss this—Kaffe Fassett talks needlepoint.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Bags from Bohicket Road

Bohicket Road has a nice travel bag for carrying needlepoint threads and tools.  It's called the Threefold Happiness Bag.

These come in a variety of fabrics. You can browse more patterns here.,,

…and on the company's Facebook page.  They are also introducing a tote bag that would be lovely for your canvas, a book, the travel bag, etc.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Breaking News: Carolyn Hedge Baird Book

Breaking News! Carolyn Hedge Baird just mentioned she has finished a new book on Facebook!  The new book should be out in September but Carolyn won't tell us the title yet.  Stay tuned.  And while you wait, you can browse Carolyn's earlier books to see if there are any you missed.

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Raised Embroidery: A Book Review

Jessica Grimm has written an interesting review of the latest book from the Royal School of Needlework—Raised Embroidery by Kelley Aldridge.

Although this book is written for those interested in embroidery, not needlepoint, the raised and dimensional techniques can be adapted to needlepoint canvas with a little ingenuity (and often using a sharp needle instead of a tapestry needle to pierce the canvas threads to place a stitch just where you need it instead of just in the holes).

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Monday, July 24, 2017

Visiting the Needlepoint Joint

You'll love the photos in this report on a vista to the Needlepoint Joint in Utah.

There is even more fun to be had at the shop's website.  Go to Needlework and then Painted Canvas to browse the highlighted goodies on offer.  It's a great stop for vacationers.

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Sunday, July 23, 2017

A Stick of Doublemint Gum

John Glenn's daughter needlepoints Doublemint Gum ornaments for special people in her life (as you can see in this YouTube video).

The story behind her choice of needlepoint ornament is told by Needlework Retailer.

"To honor Defense Secretary Mattis, John Glenn's daughter gave him a NEEDLEPOINT she had made. Her father used to give her mother and the kids a stick of Doublemint gum before he would leave on missions, she told the audience, and tell them, "I'm just going down to the store. I'll be back."

"Dad gave each of us in the family a stick of Doublemint when he went back into space when he was 77," she said. She makes the needlepoint Doublemint gum sticks for people who were helpful to her family, pivotal to her dad's service in Ohio and who brought meaning to her dad's life, she explained."

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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Ariadne's New Colors

Lorraine, the owner of Colour Complements, has used her hand dyed threads to stitch an original version of StitchPlay's "Ariadne." AND if you happen to have the chart, you can order the thread kit from Lorraine.

"Ariadne" isn't listed on the StitchPlay website right now, but Michael says he and Carole have copies to sell.  Just email and ask. There are plenty of other fun things to stitch available to see on the website in case you want to browse.

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Friday, July 21, 2017

Another Clever Floss Storage Idea UPDATED

One of Mary Corbet's readers sent her photos of the floss storage solution she came up with. It's very clever, repurposing file storage boxes and those combs that are used to bind papers together.

If you have a lot of these materials around your home office, perhaps this storage solution will work for you.  Thanks, Brenda!

UPDATE:  Shannon says we should check out the organizational plan that Lolli and Grace came up with.  Thanks, Shanon!  Bet this works very well for some folks.

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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Comparing DMC and Kreinik's Glow in the Dark Threads

Freudian Stitch has written up a nice comparison of DMC's Light Effects and Kreinik's braids, looking at both companies' glow-in-the-dark threads and trying to decide which is best.

Of course what you use is probably down to what is easily available to you, what sort of stitching you do (the comparison was done on a cross stitch project by a cross stitcher), and how much disposable income you have for threads.  You also might prefer the strandable DMC thread to the non-strandable Kreinik.  It all depends on what you are doing.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Breaking News: Needle Arts Mystery Retreat Reveal Live

Needle Arts Mystery Retreat is going to reveal this year's mystery project live on Facebook this evening in Chicago about 7:30 p.m.  Check in to see what the mystery project looks like this year then, or later.  The video will stay up for latecomers to see.

You can visit the yearly retreat's website for information on how their retreat works and see photos of past projects.

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"How to Plan the Stitches on Your Needlepoint Canvas"

Needlepoint for Fun is offering a free downloadable e-booklet called "How to Plan the Stitches on Your Needlepoint Canvas" if you sign up for their weekend e-newsletter.  The information and sign up link is at the bottom of this article.

I have not seen this booklet so I cannot comment on it, but the newsletter is a fun read and well worth the sign up.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Taking a Mistake and Running With It

Michelle of Bristly Thistle goofed on a stitch diagram for a class-and her students made something beautiful!  It's proof that mistakes are sometimes better than the "right" way.

That's my Thought for the Day.

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Monday, July 17, 2017

How to Paint a Needlepoint Canvas UPDATED

Folks ask over and over what paints or markers to use to paint a needlepoint canvas.   So I thought I'd provide a link to ANG's website where several professional designers explain how they do it, and…

…then provide a link to the late Lula Chang's website (the designer behind Wooly Dreams) for more information.

Now!  That doesn't sound too hard, does it?

UPDATE:  I just found a video by Susan Roberts on how to transfer a line drawing to needlepoint canvas.

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Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Mighty Bright Orchestra Light and More

ANG has just announced that starting in 2018, folks will not be able to use plug in lights at Seminar due to hotel regulations.  I guess they are afraid we are going to burn the place down with all the extension cords and plugs!  So the hunt for a good portable light source is on.

This orchestra light from Mighty Bright has been recommended. I can tell from the photo that this won't fit over stretcher bars but it can still be useful as I bet it is very very bright.

Although these piano stand lights are more expensive, one of these might be a better idea for a stitching table.

The Flexilens from Daylight is a light and magnifier that clamps or stands on the legs that extend from the base.  I'm told the clamp opens enough to go over Evertites, which are wider than most stretcher bars.

Ott has a small fold up lamp.  It is more expensive but you can use coupons and sales at the big box crafts stores to reduce the price.

This very bright portable light is inexpensive and folds up for travel.

The MagniFlex Pro is larger and heavier but is a light and magnifier combination.  It also has a magnetic base.

The Fancii is also a light/magnifier that operates on batteries or a USB cable.  It clamps onto a table, although the clamp doesn't seem that it will open wide.

Needlepoint Tool Time has several small portable lights.  Click on the name of each for further details and ask Tisha for help if you have special requirements.  She specializes in stitching tools so is familiar with many lights and magnifiers.

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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Traveling with Anna (with Floor Frame Travel Tips)

Anna Pearson's latest blog posting talks about her retreat to Tuscany this year and plans for next year's trip.  A special bonus for travelers is the tips she gives for traveling with a floor frame.

For further information on the upcoming retreats, visit Anna's website.  (And if you click on "Store" you can browse Anna's designs.)

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Friday, July 14, 2017

Blue Bird: A Mystery Class UPDATED

Ruth Schmuff has announced her mystery class for Summer 2017—Ellen Giggenbach's "Blue Bird."

Class is in late July and early August although anyone can join in via mail if they won't be in the Baltimore area then.  I'll update this as Ruth posts progress reports on how the class unfolds.

UPDATE:  Ruth plays with the background, adding to the background stitch and switching colors, then creates the bird's body.  If you are curious about layers of stitching on needlepoint, this is your kind of project.

UPDATE #2:  Ruth adds flowers, leaves, a bit of sky and a wing. And she's done!

Here is what Blue Bird looks like finished.

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The Stretcher Bar Dilemna

Recently I started a painted canvas project (this is "Fuchsia" from Barbara Elmore, distributed by Sundance Needlepoint) that presented a problem when I was ready to put it on stretcher bars.  The outside dimensions of the canvas are 16 1/4 inches tall by 13 5/8 inches wide.  Needless to say, this isn't going to fit on stretcher bars which are sold in one inch increments!

The 16 1/4 inch dimension can be easily fixed by cutting off that extra quarter inch, or mounting it on 16 inch stretcher bars and letting the extra canvas stick out at the top where it won't be in the way (unless you count catching your threads on that protruding excess as "in the way").  I could also trim the width to 13 inches but the excess canvas margins are not that large and I might need that extra 5/8 inches in width in finishing.  I am not certain at this point if this will be framed or made into a pillow.

There is another way to handle the issue besides taking scissors to the excess and cutting the canvas down to a 16x13 stretcher bar size.  I can lace the canvas.  To understand what I mean, check Susan Roberts' first photo in her "Mounting on Stretcher Bars" article from her website.

Yes, she has laced the canvas to the right side of her too large stretcher bars.  Here is how you lace a canvas.

Two Sets of Stretcher Bars

I rummaged around in my supplies and pulled out a set of 16 inch stretcher bars and a set of 15 inch stretcher bars and slotted them together.  Then I attached my canvas at the top, bottom and left side as usual with staples.  (I personally don't like thumbtacks as they constantly fall out, presenting a danger to feet and paws.)  Then I cut a long length of perle cotton (I think I used about 7 feet) and secured it in the margin outside the design at the top right corner of my canvas.  I began to lace the unsecured right edge by wrapping the perle cotton around the stretcher bars, coming up through the canvas perhaps 7 threads from the raw edge, going over the stretcher bar and taking the needle down again in the same channel, then coming up again through the canvas.  Repeat until you get to the bottom of the canvas.  To tighten the wraps, start at the top right corner again near your knot and pull on the perle cotton until the hole is only slightly distorted, working a wrap at a time, all the way down the side until you get to the bottom.

Right Side Laced

See the little thumbtack in the lower right corner?  I wrapped my perle cotton around that 6-7 times to secure the thread.  I can always unwrap the thread end and retighten the canvas if it starts to loosen a bit as I stitch.  This technique is used with slate frames and scroll bars more often than with stretcher bars since buying a set of cheap stretcher bars is much less work, but if you don't have easy access to a shop that carries stretcher bars and don't want to trim the canvas to fit the bars you have, lacing is the way to go.

If my explanation is totally confusing, Sarah Homfrey has a lovely video about attaching fabric to roller bars (that's what we Americans call scroll bars) that illustrates the lacing technique on the sides.    You won't need to add herringbone tape to the top or sides since needlepoint canvas is stronger.  Plus you probably are not seeking to have your canvas drum tight and you won't need a bracing needle to lace, but the technique is the same, even if the materials are not.

Hope my explanation helps you cope when you have an odd-sized canvas to put on stretcher bars.  Please note you can lace either (or both) sides or the top/bottom, but lacing on the side (or sides) is the traditional way to go.

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Breaking News: Chandail is Moving

Chandail has announced they are moving to a new location. Work is underway on the new shop right now. The current location is still open, however. Check the Chandail website (right side) for the latest on the move, the new address and when it will happen.

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The Smart Cookie Award For July Goes to...

The Smart Cookie Award for July goes to Carolyn who advises a quick trip to the Dollar Store. The steering wheel covers make good covers for your stretcher bars.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

New Bags from Vintage Needlepoint Canvases

Etsy has a nice vintage needlepoint tote shop, with plenty of unwanted old French canvases turned into stylish and useful purses and tote bags.  Have fun browsing!

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

In the Market for Waterfront Property?

While looking for something else, I stumbled across this listing for waterfront land in Michigan.

Note the address.

It isn't for sale right now but if I win the lottery I might try to buy it and put a little house with a big stitching porch on it for retreats.  Wouldn't that be fun?!

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Ghost, the Embroidery Video

"Ghost" is a music video from the indie band Husky that features a computer-generated ethnic embroidery style that looks like a mix of cross stitch, needlepoint and Day of the Dead imagery.

Clemstamation did the animation.  I don't see any more work done in this style but animation that copies hand embroidery is both fun for us stitchers to see and a hopeful sign that younger people are interested in doing thing with needles.

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Monday, July 10, 2017

Smoothing Threads: Kreinik's Introduction to Laying Tools

The Kreinik blog has a terrific article on laying tools and using them to smooth threads.  It explains why you would want to smooth a thread and shows you how to turn items you already have into inexpensive laying tools.  There are links to further information at the bottom of the article as well.

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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Birthstone Santas

Now here's something new and fun—Birthstone Santas!  I think they'd make a fun holiday display using the birthdays of your family or special friends.

These are exclusive to the shop.  Contact them for further information.

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Straw Silk, the Lists

Straw Hat in Straw Silk

Silk Road Fibers has created a color list of all their available Straw Silk threads. This ribbon-like flat thread is a mix of silk and paper.  It looks like raffia, and can be used on either 13 or 18 count, depending on the stitch you want.  For tent stitches or long stitches on 18 count, you can split it down the middle to get a thinner thread.  Use a needle to get the split going at a cut end, then pull the two parts apart slowly and carefully.

I used a lot of Straw Silk on Leigh Designs "Japanese Tea House."  The tree bark and the lower layer of leaves are in Straw Silk.  So is the mass of bushes in the lower right corner.  I've used it in places on many other designs but not in such profusion as here.  It was perfect for the plants on this piece.

I also used it for the straw hat worn by the "Miami Gold Digger," again from Leigh Designs.  The photo of the hat is above.  Once again it was the absolutely perfect thread for this section of my canvas.

If you prefer a look at the color card, here it is.

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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Color Inspiration

Lorraine of Colour Complements has written an interesting article about where she finds inspiration for the color combination she creates for her line of oerdyed threads.

If your mouth starts watering at the descriptions, check her thread lines by clicking on "Shop" in the choices just under the header on her website.

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Friday, July 7, 2017

The Garden Screen, Stitched by the Assistance League of San Mateo

The Assistance League of San Mateo stitched this fabulous screen on display at the Filoli Flower Show in California. Use the right side arrow to scroll through all the photographs.

Many thanks to Cynthia for posting this on Facebook.  Here's a bit about Filoli, in case you are close enough to visit.

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Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Summer Sips Backgrounds

The newest series from Leigh Designs is a set of 4x5 inch ovals called "Summer Sips."   As you would expect, they show eight different summer drinks, all the sort of thing I associate with a trip to the beach.  Six of the series have stitch guides, and you can see photos of those on the Leigh Designs website.

It's those stitched models I want to talk about today since they all have fabulous backgrounds and backgrounds are things many stitchers struggle with.  So why not visit the masters of the art and see what they came up with?  First, let's look at Carolyn Taggart's "Hurricane" and  "Pina Colada."

Hurricane Stitched by Carolyn Taggart

Pina Colada Stitched by Carolyn Taggart

Hurricane has a simple upright stitch that skips a channel. It's small scale and effective since it doesn't fight with the central motif but it does echo the upright shape of the tall drinks glass that is elongated even more by the fruit on the flamingo toothpick.  Pina Colada's background is a simple trellis pattern.  The diamonds formed by the lines crossing look a bit like the paper umbrella, unifying the background with a main part of the design.

Strawberry Daiquiri Stitched by Pat Miller

Pat Miller's "Strawberry Daiquiri" has a very unobtrusive background which appears to be skip tent stitch.  Because the color of the thread is almost exactly the same as the pink canvas in the background, all you see is a little texture, allowing the string of diamonds and pearls to be prominent and setting off the drink with its huge strawberry very nicely.  If you compare the unstitched needlepoint canvas outside the red oval with the stitched background inside the oval, you will see just how much the texture adds to the canvas without really making a loud statement.

Lemon Drop Stitched by Sandy Arthur

Sandy Arthur's "Lemon Drop" also has a very unobtrusive background, a darning stitch that slants / to echo the flow of the lemon slice and flower that decorate her drink.  Sandy use a quiet background stitch that copies the direction the main elements slant.

Cuba Libre Stitched by Sharon Quick

Bloody Mary Stitched by Sharon Quick

Sharon Quick's "Cuba Libre" and "Bloody Mary" have use the same pale pink color in their threads as the background canvas and both have decorative stitches in the background.  The Cuba Libre has a wave stitch which is neutral despite its horizontal orientation because of the up and down movement of the stitch.  This is a nice choice because of the seahorse and the fact that Cuba itself is an island, suggesting waves and a drink to be enjoyed with an ocean view.  The Bloody Mary also has a decorative stitch, this time an eyelet stitch that give the background the sense of oval petaled flowers. Since the Bloody Mary has peppers, celery leaves and an olive as garnishes, it makes sense to have a plant-themed background.  

So all the backgrounds relate in some way to the main theme of the design or echo the direction of the main motifs and all are light coverage.  One last thing I noticed was that all the Summer Sips except the Pina Colada have pink backgrounds that are very close to the background canvas color.  This helps keep the background in the background, even when it is quite fancy like Sharon Quick's wave and floral eyelet backgrounds.

Hopefully this gives you ideas for your next backgrounds.  Thanks very much to the extremely talented team at Leigh Designs!

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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Easy Hair

Needlepoint For Fun has posted an article on several easy ways to stitch hair.  Their diagram on how to gather a thread to make it bunch up into a mass of curls is worth a visit just by itself.

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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Free Design—"Heart of the USA"

Laura Perin has released a little free chart to celebrate the 4th of July. It's darling!

If you want a little something to stitch while you are waiting, this would be perfect!

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A Paterna Ad from 1976

Charlene found this 1976 advertisement for Paterna Persian wool and posted it to Facebook. Takes me back….

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Louise's Tips for Neon Rays without Tears

The latest e-newsletter from Louise's Needlepoint has a great section on Neon Rays, the flat, ribbon-like thread from Rainbow Gallery. Jill gives lots of tips to make stitching with this somewhat fussy thread much easier.

I just love shop newsletters!  You never know what you will learn.

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Monday, July 3, 2017

The Author Needlepoints

While wandering the Internet I stumbled across this interesting interview with Lillian Stewart Carl, who writes cozy mysteries, fantasy and romantic suspense novels.

I know everyone is looking for a good summer read, so here is Lillian's website.  After all, she's one of us needlepointers and we support each other.

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Sunday, July 2, 2017's Twelve Days Guided

Peggy at has a nice series of articles about the stitches she choose (and why) for the company's Twelve Days of Christmas pieces.  It's a fun article to read and has some nice stitches for birds and backgrounds.  Enjoy!

Here are Days Three and Four.

And Five plus Six.

Here are Days Seven and Eight.

Nine and Ten.

And of course Eleven and Twelve.

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Saturday, July 1, 2017

New Items Spring 2017

Here are the newest items for the summer of 2017.  Latest on top.    I'll stop posting here on August 1.  See Destination Dallas tab for new items after that date.

Stitch By Stitch Larchmont has set up a Pinterest page where they post photos of new painted canvases as the designers alert them to the latest and greatest.  Even if you don't have a Pinterest account you should be able to access this.  (I hope)  Keep checking back to see what's new.

(If items are posted on Facebook, use the right and left side arrows to view more in the series.)


Pointe2Point has new self finishing four inch silver coaster bases with canvases to stitch and mount in the little frames.  Use the side arrows to see the coaster bases and the canvases.

Mountain Laurel Design has a new Bargello piece called "Bargello Band."  Follow the link to their Etsy store to make the download your very own.

Suzie at Enriched Stitch shows off a new artist she'll be distributing this fall.

Point2Pointe's new sterling silver (over brass) cuff bracelet is designed for their small square canvases to fit.

Painted Pony shows off a new designer, Diane Kator.  Here are six fun designs. I like the fall-themed moose and the nautical still life.

Kate Dickerson just posted six new designs (including some amazing cummerbunds) on Facebook.

Hingham Square Needlepoint shows off their newest New England summer beach scene.

My Pink Sugar Life does Shark Week.

Gloriana has new fall colors in their silk floss overdyes.

Needle Delights shows off the newest cyber class, "Amethyst Garden."  This will eventually be released as a chart and is sized to fit in a Sudberry box.  See the various colorways here.

Needlework Retailer shows off one of the Happy Snowmen series from Geoffrey Allen of Love You More.

Ruth Schmuff just introduced Mattye Hamilton, a new artist who has eight wonderful female portraits to stitch.  You can see them all on the Bedecked and Beaddazzled website.

Amy Bunger shows off the new Rogue design for Shark Week.

Just in time for summer, Laura Perin has a new quilt-themed design, "Tropical Pineapple Quilt."

Mountain Laurel Design has a new chart that will be on any Bargello lover's Must Have list.

Kelmscott Designs' latest needle minder is an American Eagle.

Jessica Tongel will now create custom city belts to celebrate the special town you want to wear.

Needlework Retailer shows off one of the hamsas from the newest Julie Mar artist—Sandi Utain.

Here's the first in a new series from Sara England, distributed by The Point of It All Designs.

Weeks Dye Works has introduced a new color to their line of overdyed cotton flosses.

CanvasWorks has updated their website with their latest collections:  "Beachy Fun," "Christmas," and "Coat of Arms."

Red Rooster's exclusive "Birthstone Santas" are darling and a quick stitch for that upcoming birthday present.

Ruth Schmuff has redone Sandra Vargas' Girls from Oz design into six little ornaments, all with their own stitch guide.

Doodlin' Around Designs has a new charted winter barn design available.

A Poore Girl Paints shows off the newest designs for September.

Here's the latest exclusive canvas from Bloomin' Stitches.  It's hilarious!

A. Bradley Needle Arts has three new stocking cuffs:  a darling sleeping girl (or boy) and a candy cane/holly one.

Apparently Gloria and Pat have a new needle called Pat's Favorite Needle with a long gold eye. Distributed by The Yarn Tree.  These are tapestry needles, available in sizes 24, 26 and 28.

LizArt has three new counted designs. The Art Nouveau floral is free. I am very fond of the seahorse myself.

Jude has a new series of stadium designs for the football fan.  She also has a new Twelve Days Nativity series, with individual figures available or just one piece if you don't have the time to stitch a grouping of stand ups.  (second link below)

BeStitched has five pages of new items from the summer market on their website.

Blue Dogwood Designs has a new, unique patriotic design.

Kate Dickerson has a new Gay Pride design.

Here's a photo of four new colors of Straw Silk.

Rachel Donley Needlepoint Designs has a new, smaller mini-Santa letter for your stitching pleasure.

CBK is introducing two new small frog-shaped frame weights, one the Patriots and one the Red Sox.

Suzie at Enriched Stitch shows off the Melissa Prince "Murder on the Orient Express" coaster that she will teach at the Destination Dallas show.

Bohucket Road Bags shows how their travel storage bags work with needlepoint supplies.

Laura Perin has a new design for the counted canvas worker, a new holiday wreath called "Patriot's Wreath." Yes, you can now celebrate the 4th of July in red, white and blue style!

Barbara's Needlepoint shows off their newest rabbit design, the Strawberry Bunny.

The "Heart Mermaid" is new from Mary Engelbreit/Painted Pony.

Designers herd kids all summer just like the rest of us.  Check out the newest piece from Little Bird Designs.

BB Needlepoint Designs has a fun new floral called "Orange Flowers."

Sherry Bray shows off the model for the brand new "Swimmers" from Maggie to debut in September.

A Poore Girl Paints is going to have zodiac designs this fall.  Sneak peek here.

Rittenhouse is packaging smaller Barbara Russell designs as "Barbara Russell Youth Collection" kits.  I assume threads are included but I don't know for sure.

Needlework Retailer shows off the model of dede Odgen's "Umbrella Penguin," distributed by Fleur de Paris using Rainbow Gallery threads.

Homestead Needle Arts' latest newsletter describes some of the new items she bought at the Columbus market.

Painted Pony has posted new designs from Mary Charles.

Rachel Donley is doing a topiary alphabet project.  Unusual and interesting!

Strictly Christmas shows off new designs on Facebook.  Use the right arrows to see them all.  The chocolate-themed Christmas song pieces are hilarious!

The Son of a Stitch (SOS) line of architecturally inspired canvases from Colonial Needle has new sizes/shapes and patterns.

Judi and Company has a darling baby elephant in hand from the artist Jon Swart.

Ruth Schmuff has a new designer with fun and modern animal designs—Rebecca Walk.

Stitch Therapy shows off the new designs from S.E. Hagerman of And More Designs.

Rebecca Wood Designs has updated her website with the newest items:  bunnies, reindeer, birds, Santas and Easter/Christmas items.

Here's a charming new summertime pool design from Mary Engelbreit/Painted Pony.

Rittenhouse has posted a photo of their show booth on Facebook.  Lots of Barbara Russell canvases, which they own the rights to now.

Burnett and Bradley now has magnets to match some of their canvases.

Strictly Christmas shows off their favorite new design, from Shawn Jenkins.

Painted Pony shows off two new Diane Kater pieces, a new artist in their line.

BeStitched is posting new painted canvases from the show on their shop website.

Maggie Company has updated their website with the newest canvases.

Pepperberry has gone gingerbread and Santa cats!  Use the side arrows to see them all.

Painted Pony has a new artist-Brit Sally Swannell.  Check out her chicken roost.

Gayla Elliott shows off her "Boss Cow" for The Collection.  And her "Bloom Where You Are Printed."

Associated Talents has also updated their website with all the new things.

Two Sisters has updated their website with their newest designs.

Painted Pony shows off their newest angel—"Queen of Africa."

Bristly Thistle shows off the new needle minders they sell made from vintage jewelry.

Nashville Needleworks has four new letter designs exclusive to the shop—"Beach," "Lake," "Pool," and "Camp."

A. Bradley Needle Arts has a great new mini-stocking for the video gamer in your life.

Louise's Needlework has a new photo album on their Facebook page for new items they have seen at the Columbus Market.

Colour Complements's "Summer Collection" includes 7 new colors of perle cotton and perle silk (various diameters).

Kirk and Bradley has listed their new designs on their website.

Kirk and Bradley also has a new travel round for Atlanta.

Burnet and Bradley (formerly A Collection of Designs) has a new series—"Farm Friends."

Melissa Shirley Designs has updated their website with their newest designs.

Gone Stitching has a new book.  It recommends stitches for Judaic canvases, very useful for that tallit bag.

Here is "Hydrangea" from Amyjo Hill Collection/Love You More.

The Meredith Collection has updated their website with the newest designs, including several new Charley Harpers and work from their new artist, Ken Swinson.

Purple Palm shows off a colorful fish design from Mary Wentzel.

Zecca's website has been updated with their newest designs.

Jody Valentine's latest is a round holly ornament for the Christmas season.

Here are the latest designs from Melissa Prince.

Point2Pointe Needlepoint now has self-finishing key rings.

Looks like Kirk & Bradley now have a new poison bottle design.  This appears to be for's spring 2018 retreat for now but eventually it should be available.

New "Mermaids Don't Do Housework" design from CBK.

Kreinik's new "Olive Moss" holographic green #016L  is now available as size 4 very fine braid.  I think it is quite pretty!

LizArt has a new four-way Bargello piece available now (second link).  She also has a new free design, a lovely realistic poppy.  Thanks, Liz!

Kangaroo Paws Designs shows off their licensed sorority and fraternity designs.

Melissa Shirley Designs shows off a new Halloween street scene.

K's metal floor stand now has a travel base.

Leigh Richardson shows off four of the new "Summer Sips" from Leigh Designs.  To see them all, go to the Leigh Designs website (second link below).

Another new still life from Este MacLeod/Melissa Shirley Designs.

Enriched Stitch shows off new Alice Peterson designs.

The Quarter Stitch has a new Alex Beard bird designs.

Bailey Jack (distributed by & More) has a new portrait of Frida with butterflies for your stitching pleasure.

Tango and Chocolate has updated their website with a new peacock design and a series of ornate red and white Christmas signs.

The Stitchsmith has a new clematis kit.

Cute new dog sign from Lycette Designs.

Melissa Shirley shares a new landscape called "Snowy Village " from Este MacLeod.

Kimberly Ann Needlepoint has a new quote from Audrey Hepburn as the focus of a new make up bag design.

Gentle Art has three new colors in their Simply Wool line.

Rachel Donley Needlepoint Designs puts the lime in the coconut with this charming two sided pillow or sign.

Another new piece from Lycette Designs.

Here's a new lovely design from Sew Much Fun, stitched by Cindy herself.  It's possible the stitch guide will come with the canvas.

The Artists Collection now distributes painted canvases by Jennifer Riefenberg under The Art of Sunshine design name.  Fans of Jennifer's classes on vegetables will love the orchard series.  Put your mouse pointer over View Finished to get an idea of what the finished piece looks like.  I don't know if Jennifer's guide comes with the series.

Amy Bunger shows off a piece from her upcoming Home Study—"Zero Degrees North' by Kelly Clark.

Another new Lycette—it cracks me up!

Lycette Designs has a new design for the martini lover.

Puffin and Company has a new needle nanny magnet—a rolled tape measure.

Voila has new tote bag colors. These come with coordinating canvases.

Kelmscott Designs has new needle minders and thread keeps. Love the snowy owl!

Melissa Shirley shows off "Heron Royalty," a new piece from Vicki Sawyer.

Orna Willis has a new design-"Down the Line"—a counted canvaswork pattern on Congress cloth.

Purple Palm Designs has a new unnamed artist that will be premiering shortly.  Here's a glimpse of their "Key West Rooster."

Melissa Prince Designs has a new movie coaster.  I'm guessing this one is "Top Gun."

Ehrman shows off a new Raymond Honeyman that will be ready later this year.

JP Needlepoint now has a rug-sized version of their popular "Flowers and Skins" pillow design.

Hyla Hurley now has cell phone pouches in her The Point Of It All Designs line.

Cheryl Huckaby has added new Christmas trees, doves and bells to her Etsy shop.  The Etsy shop name is MyNeedlepointArt but you also know her as CH Designs, distributed by Danji.

Susan Battle Designs has two new glasses cases (top of the page) and a new Christmas plaid reindeer (second row) to show off.

Suzie at Enriched Stitch shows off the two class pieces she and Aggy will be teaching at Destination Dallas in September.  The first is a movie coaster from Melissa Prince Designs for Murder on the Orient Express.  The second is a Julie Mar beach lounger.

JP Needlepoint's newest cats and dogs designs have been so popular, they promise a rabbit version.

Melissa Shirley just showed off "First Thanksgiving," a brand new design for the summer trade show.

Devon Nicholson has four color ways of a Dog design, with a Cat design promised.

The Wellesley Needlepoint Collection shows off a new Annie Lane design.  A stitch guide by Cindy is available.

Cathy shows off a new beach trailer design from Alice Peterson.

Laura Perin also has announced "California Trails," her latest quilt like design.

Needlework Retailer points out Laura Perin has a new "Red Cyclamen" design if you are into counted canvaswork.  Instructions for a purple or pink cyclamen are included, by the way.

Colour Complements has new colors in overdyed Kreinik size 16 braid and 1/16" ribbons.  The braid is available in sampler packs.

Alice Peterson has four new summer sayings canvases.  Stitch with a beachy smile!

Ehrman has six new tapestry kits from the design team of English Eccentrics:  "Moon Hare" and "Red Squirrel,"



 and a Coral and Blue versions of "Chrysanthemum."

BeStitched has the newest artist from Purple Palm ready for preorder—Brenda Flynn's mosaic designs are at the top of the page.  Remember, these are preorders.  The canvases won't be out until Destination Dallas most likely.

Peggi shows off the new Timothy Chapman from Tapestry Fair.  It's called "Hippo Swimming."

Puffin and Company has updated their website.  Here are the new products.

I didn't know that Ashley Dillon/Susan Roberts has a new "Barnyard March" in her march series.

Barefoot Needlepoint Design has two new wintery dog pieces, one a white terrier and one a black.  Would make a fun pair of couch pillows for the winter!

Jolly Red in England has a new tapestry kit called "Ba-Ba-Bloom."  It's a pretty stylized floral on a striped background.

Hyla Hurley shows off a new artist for Point of It All Designs—Darlene Hardie.  These five hilarious pun-y canvases should be available from Destination Dallas.

Apparently Kathy Schenkel has a new series called Santa Gets All the Credit.

Barbara's Needlepoint has new original patriotic rabbit designs. The background is red and blue striped and the bunnies are white silhouettes with gold stars.

Ruth Schmuff shows off new Kimberly designs.  The colorful happy carpet is available in different sizes, too.

Judy Keenan Needlearts has two new darling bird designs (tufted titmouse and Eastern bluebird) and in a departure, a wonderful trout decoy pattern.

Strictly Christmas and Etc. has updated their website with their newest designs.

Kimberly shows off another new design from Vallerie Needlepoint Gallery.  This is called "Let It Snow."

The Point of It All Designs show off a new Christmas wreath design.

Melissa Shirley shows off the new "Honey Bear" from Mary Lake-Thompson.

Needlenook of La Jolla shows off "Springtime Birdhouse," a garden scene by Mary C. Charles, who is a new artist for Painted Pony.

Laura Perin has a treat for the counted canvas workers Out There—a birdhouse wreath!

Here's a new charming Ashley Dillon Davis bird from Susan Roberts.

Scrim Discovery Needlepoint stocks custom Shaker style boxes for needlepoint finishing.  Use the right side arrow to see them with needlepoint lids.

Elizabeth Bradley has new mini designs inspired by the Chelsea Flower show.  Here's one of them--

Here's a new Annie O'Brien Gonzales piece called "Bowl-o-Matic" just released by Melissa Shirley Designs.

Thanks to Facebook I've found another nice Etsy shop with needle minders.  The cats are especially nice but if you need a fire breathing dragon, SunSpot Creations is the place!  LOL

Painters' Threads now has Shimmer Ribbon Floss in a new line of pastel overdyes called Painters Pastels.  Louise's Needle posted two photos.  Use the right side arrow to see both.

Cynthia Thomas shows off the Brenda Stofft and Mary Engelbreit/Painted Pony designs she will be teaching at Columbus for the TNNA show.