Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bunnies Overrun Houston

If you live in Houston, you'll want to visit the Needle House's annual Easter canvas show.  The shop is covered with painted canvases of eggs, rabbits and carrots!  Read about the other local shop news in their newsletter.

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Painter's Threads Meets Ribbon Floss

Painter's Threads Overdyed Shimmer Ribbon Floss
What do you get when you cross YLI's ribbon floss with Germany's Tentakulum Painter's Threads?  You end up with overdyed ribbon floss, of course!

Here is YLI's website, the page where the description of the varieties of ribbon floss start.  Ribbon floss comes in regular, metallic, Shimmer (which has a bit of metallic woven in--this is the type of ribbon floss Painter's Threads has overdyed), and heathered (which looks rather tweedy and thicker than the other ribbon flosses).

This is Tentakulum's website, with links to all the threads they manufacture.

This link shows all the current colors of Painter's Threads in overdyed Shimmer ribbon floss.  I am told this is available from YLI if you are a shop owner looking to order.

This close-up shows some of the new Painter's Threads Shimmer ribbon floss as well as the regular ribbon floss in the old tube packaging.  If you compare the regular ribbon floss tail end with that of the new Painter's Thread overdyed Shimmer ribbon floss, you'll see the dyeing process makes the overdyed thread a bit less ribbon-like.

YLI now packages ribbon floss wound around flat rectangles of plastic (which you see at the top of the first photo) but you will still find ribbon floss wound around cardboard tubes as well.  I put the mesh tubes around the tube ribbon floss to keep the spools neat.  They don't come this way but I didn't have any of the old style of packaging I hadn't opened.

Amy Bunger's Halloweenies Home Study project used Painter's Threads overdyed Shimmer ribbon floss on the Devil character.  Here's a picture of Melinda's finished Dev L. Mann.

Many thanks to LR for sending me these lovely threads to show off to you and use in my stitching.

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