Friday, March 25, 2011

A Quilter Goes to Woodlawn

I discovered this report on a quilter's trip to Woodlawn this morning while looking to see if the promised Flickr photo album has been created yet.  (The answer to that seems to be No.)

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New for Spring (and Halloween)

Melissa Shirley has released a few new designs (and a few new stitch guides) for the spring season.  Visit them on her website, especially if you happen to live in Texas or want to stitch for someone who lives there.

The other new treat for this morning is Ruth Schmuff's just finished Spookin canvas.  The design is by Leigh Designs and Ruth shows off both her version and the one that her friend Sue stitched under Brenda Hart's direction.  Both turned out sophisticated Halloween pumpkins but in totally different styles.

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