Saturday, February 26, 2011

Down Memory Lane

I've been revisiting Judy Harper's Possibilities blog, thinking of Judy and enjoying her art and creativity.  And I found one last gift from Judy--a new shop blog to follow.

Thank you, Judy.  Get better fast.  I really need that Frida Angel I've been begging you for....

By the way, here's another fun blog.

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The Needlebook, the Geisha, and the Queen

Remember how excited I got when I saw Susan's new needlebook?

The only thing missing from Susan's article (besides her saying she would sending the needle book to Chilly Hollow) was a tutorial on making them.  Thanks to DMC's blog, I have a link to instructions!  This needlebook is also Asian in feel as it uses a free XS portrait of a charming geisha for the cover.  Here's the how to.

Here's the direct link to the geisha pattern, which is called "J is for Japanese Embroidery."

Speaking of Susan, she is starting a new series of blog articles about a Queen.  Want to see some of the new William Loves Kate/William Marries Kate samplers?

Here is Susan's Majesty.  She's inspired by crazy quilting but a needlepointer could create their own Queen very easily.  Needleworkers have the skills to move between needle arts if they are brave enough to try something new.

Now here is where we start to see Susan building her Queen.

And here she explains quite a bit about English coronation gowns and how Queen Elizabeth II's gown is replicated on Your Majesty.

I know this isn't needlepoint, but it is about fantasy and aren't we all stitching a fantasy of some sort as we work?   Right now I'm dreaming of a slinky vampire walking through a graveyard but soon it'll be another geisha....

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