Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dimensional Needlepoint Truck Show

Pocket Full of Stitches' next trunk show features the 3-D canvases from Little Shoppe Canvas Company. Whether you are interested in flowers, bells, fortune cookies, shoes, shells, baskets or fruit shapes, Little Shoppe has you covered.

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Let's Go Clubbing UPDATED

It's been a very long time since I jumped in a limo and went from club to club in Manhattan, ending up at an after hours place at 3 a.m. followed by breakfast at 5.  (Actually, if I propose doing that at my age again, please just hit me over the head with a brick a couple of times so I can skip the alcohol and go straight to the hangover.  It'll be lots cheaper.  Limo drivers and champagne are expensive!)

However, there is a type of clubbing that I can still indulge in without any regret later--touring the monthly clubs available at your favorite needlepoint shop.  So jump in the limo with me and off we go!

First stop is at Ruth Schmuff's blog where she previews her latest club--a series of darling owls from Eye Candy.  (Ruth is the distributor for Eye Candy.)  The owls have been beautifully stitched by Ada Hayden, Eye Candy's resident designer and master stitcher.  Aren't they cute?

After a few virtual appletinis at Ruth's, let's head on over to Club PFOS where they are showing off some of their Christmas tags canvases.  They are really Christmasy, so we are going to have a nice Irish coffee here to warm our souls for the holiday season.

Since some of us are sick of Christmas already, we piled back in the limousine and headed to Texas where The French Knot has the doorman ready and waiting to escort us in.  They have a nice little buffet laid out for us, with an assortment of local brews (mostly beers and Scotch varieties) for sampling along with crackers, French bread, cheeses and cold cuts with a nut assortment in bowls.  Speaking of nuts, they also have acorns--subtle and sophisticated acorns to fill a cut glass bowl on your holiday table next year.  Those who are thinking about their Thanksgiving menu will want to check out the little Thanksgiving sets and the Indian corn canvases on this same page.  I believe the acorns are from Associated Talents.  Anyone want to get Don Lynch (of AT) a beer?

The final stop is also in Texas, at Needle House where they are serving scrambled eggs, bacon, toast and Bloody Marys.  On display they have their very elegant jeweled Russian eggs.  Restful in their pastel colors, they are the perfect foil to the other clubs.  And if you are still feeling rowdy, how about them snowmen?  Renaissance Designs has a series of colorful and silly snowmen to dress up your house after the holidays when there is nothing to do but build snowmen because of the nasty weather.

Now that the limo is dropping us off at home, one by one, here's to a fabulous holiday season to each and every one.

Anyone have any aspirin?

P.S.  Elizabeth Turner has a new pink elephant Needle Buddy magnet.  As good as aspirin and a lot funnier!  (It's not on their website, sorry.)

UPDATE:  I think the pink elephant magnet from Elizabeth Turner is pictured here.

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