Monday, May 21, 2018

Mindy's Color Game

I recently paid a visit to the website for Mindy's Needlepoint and noticed something pretty durn interesting. Mindy is playing with color.

Check these out:

Clockwise from the upper left they are Asians in Golds and Olives, Asians in Blues, Asians in Greens, and Asians in Mauves and Purples.

I am a fan of Asian-themed designs in general, but what intrigued me here is that the change of color really changes what I see in the piece.  Mauves and Purples shows up the three rectangles with buttons better, while Greens seems to have the backgrounds more visible.  I think Golds and Olives is the most balanced of the designs although I don't usually like those colors.  Funny what color does to a design?

Which do you like best?  Is that your favorite color normally?  I am of course waiting for an Asians Pink—my favorite color!

Very clever, Mindy.  Now I want them all.  Sigh.

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