Sunday, October 6, 2013

New Designs, New Products

New things are popping up all over again, but without a trade show on the horizon, I thought I'd list them all here instead of starting a new TNNA Winter 2014 tab.   First, how about some wonderful new Mag Friends needle magnets from Accoutrement Designs?  I love the witch's cauldron with the green goo dripping down but you might be charmed by the Painted Pony angel magnets or Raymond Crawford's owls.

I don't think Clover Wonder Clips are new exactly but I'd never heard of them until Mary Corbet did a review.

Kimberly is designing and showing off hints.

Brenda Kocher is designing new things, too.

Needle Works has plenty of snap trays and beading snap trays in the shop.  They have coordinating fabrics and frame weights are also available.

Hope you enjoyed the newest of the new!

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