Thursday, April 28, 2011

Counted Canvaswork Alert

The April 13 and April 28 entries on Scarlet Thread's blog show off the newest counted canvaswork projects from LizArt and from  Carolyn Mitchell Designs.  Counted work is alive and well!

By the way, the shop has the award-winning Cat's Eyes chart in stock.

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Why Raymond Crawford Is My Hero

Many of us have probably seen and admired Raymond Crawford's painted canvases, but I had no idea what he gets up to in his spare time.

Here's Raymond's website.  All you see there is needlepoint canvases but the next time I visit, I know I'll be visiting a hero's website.  After all, someone who works this hard to preserve his little bit of heaven is a hero, don't you think?  And he designs great NP, too!

Many thanks to Tara for telling me about this article.  Where would Blog be without its spies?!

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Red Geisha Mishaps

Red Geisha Blue Lines Version One
Folks who read Blog sometimes think I Know It All.  I don't always talk about the dead ends, the ripping out, the hours spent playing around with stitches or browsing my stitching books looking for inspiration.  However, these mistakes are what make for better stitchers. If you don't know something is wrong and try to fix it, you never advance your stitching skills.

In the photo of Red Geisha above, look at the pink line down below her nose that is flanked with two blue lines.  There are other blue lines to the left of that pink area, too.  All those are stem stitched using Silk Lame Braid (size 18), which is a silk/metallic thread that is lightly twisted.  It's a pretty thread and added a lot of shine to the canvas.  But I stopped using it because it looked clumsy and awkward stitched up.  The thread (although I liked the color and the bit of metallic sheen) was too heavy for the area.

I switched to the slightly smaller Trebizond, which is a size 8 perle in silk and laid it along the painted blue lines, then couched it down with a #8 fine braid Kreinik in a similar blue so that I had the same sparkle that I liked with the Silk Lame Braid.  Here's what it looked like after--

Red Geisha Blue Lines Version Two
I prefer the couched version myself.  It looks smoother and doesn't stand out too much.  The moral is Don't Settle for something that bugs you. You can probably come up with something better if you take the time to think about what you like (the sparkle) and what you don't (the thickness of the thread and the jagged line of stem stitch) and come up with ways to minimize what you don't care for while preserving what you do.

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