Friday, September 21, 2018

Frida in Needlepoint UPDATED

Thorn Alexander's Frida Portrait

Bobbin and Fred is in love with needle art portraits of Frida Kahlo.  One of her favorites is available as a printed canvas from Art Needlepoint.

The first Frida Kahlo portrait in painted canvas I know about is Melissa Shirley's from her Wild Women series.

Melissa also has the Frida chick from Vicki Sawyer, which makes me smile every time I see it.  Bet this hen rules the roost!

Lulu My Pink Turtle has several Frida portraits for those who are more whimsical.

Bailey Jack (distributed by And More) has a butterfly portrait of Frida.

Maren Devine has my favorite Frida portrait.  Kate Dickerson distributes her work.

I'm sure there are more Frida needlepoint canvases available.  If you know of one, please tell me in the Comments or email me at chillyhollow at hot maildotcom if Google won't let you comment today.

UDPATE:  Mary Ann found this limited edition Frida pictured above from Thorn Alexander.  It's not on their website so it may no longer be available.  So I posted the photo Mary Ann found for us.  Thanks, MA!

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