Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Pointing It Out Talks BELTS!

Megan and Melissa talk about belts, how to stitch them and what to do with them in this podcast.

You'll learn about buying a belt, how to size it, and to think about end result you want.  You'll learn what a keeper is, that Megan calls herself the belt psycho, how to measure the belt size,  the dude factor, the turn rows, colors, buckle types, standard widths, grommet belts, the million dollar belt story, making key fobs from leftover belts, how to lengthen a belt, D ring belts, dog collars and leashes, camera and guitar straps, trays, the stitches and threads to use, how to stitch a long belt, etc.

Who knew belts had so much!?  Of course Megan and Melissa are the Belt Queens!

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