Thursday, January 7, 2010

News and New Products

Needle Works in Austin, Texas has their latest newsletter up on their website now, and it is full of new designs and a new product- Swarovski crystal sequins.  The newsletter also shows off a new Leigh Starlet canvas that will be a cyber class, features some of their wonderful painted canvases, and has photos of new class projects they will offer in 2010.  They also show off some of the darling Squiggee crabs and a lobster frame weight.  These are full of personality when the little canvases are finished as stuffed animals.

Colleen of Needle Works plans to post news from next week's TNNA trade show on her blog and has already put up a photograph of Melissa Shirley's latest large animal design.  Time to bookmark this if you haven't already to see the very newest things that will start showing up in our favorite shops this spring.

I've also spotted new Sundance designs on Needle Work's What's New page, including the Day of the Dead couple from Yolanda Romero's painting which is the Canvas of the Day today and which also illustrates this article.

There is a smaller version of the Day of the Dead lady with her dog which you can see at Busy Needle's site.  We needlepointers tend to stitch the same old-same old, but thanks to Sundance we no longer have the excuse that this is all that is available.

As stores talk more about what they see and order at TNNA's Long Beach show, I'll post links so you know what new things are available in 2010.  Just in case you don't have a large enough stash....

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A Little More Santa, Coloured Twist

Last night I found another cut thread on Surfin Santa so out came the glue again.  About 1/6 of his edging is hand sewn on. I'll try to get a lot more of it done today and probably tomorrow.  The weather report says we are going to get 2-4 inches of snow tonight and tomorrow morning, so I'll probably be at home, stitching and wondering why I didn't move to the Bahamas then.

So out came the laying tool case and I worked on the background and another flower stem.  I hope you can see the cashmere squares that I added to the background at the upper and lower left corners of the front of the laying tool case.  They look very pretty with the gold flecked canvas.

I also couched a piece of twist as the last flower stem on the right.  It has a curve that will eventually surround a flower bud of beads.  Twist is a British metallic thread, often used in military braid and very elaborate court costumes.  It's gorgeous stuff and I have a little stash of it that I got from Michele Roberts.  I think stitchers can usually find it at ANG and EGA Seminars and at Callaway in the stores set up for the events.  Twist comes in solid colors and in barber pole stripes that mix two colors.  I choose a copper and gold mix that looks brown and gold when added to the laying tool case.  It's lovely stuff and adds great elegance to any design.  I hope I have enough left for the back side as my strand was only about 9 inches but I can always improvise and use another thread if necessary.

By the way, I couched my twist with DMC's three ply thin metallic that comes on a spool.  My color is Or Clair or light gold. It holds the twist almost invisibly and is a strong thread, well able to tie down the twist on the back side.

All of the front side of the laying tool case is finished except for the beads that I'll add at the end.  Now I can turn my attention to the back side, which has a more elaborate leaf and flower stem design on it.

Once I get the trim attached to Surfin Santa, that is!

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