Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Last of the New from Columbus? UPDATED

By now the Columbus trade show is over and folks are dragging themselves home, tired but happy.  Robin from Amy Bunger's shop sums the show up perfectly with her posting about the new designer she discovered, new threads, and hints about her next class for TNNA.

As Robin mentioned above, the Columbus Heart (Needle Deeva) class she taught went very well.  Here's a review from Michele of Bristly Thistle.

UPDATE:  And one from Colleen of Needle Works.

Speaking of Michele, she posted photos of the newest Charley Harper animal canvases which were just released.  Here they are for your viewing pleasure:

Speaking of animals, here is Gail Hendrix's newest alligator.  I never knew reptiles with teeth and claws could be so cuddly!

Are you curious about what stitchers are doing with DMC's new memory thread?   DMC reports their booth was full of pieces done with memory thread.  You can admire the creativity at work through the many photos posted on DMC's blog.

Here is Barbara Bergsten's TNNA booth.  Wish I was there!

Barbara is interviewed on the TNNA site.   It's great to learn a bit about the personalities behind the designs, especially when you like the designs as much as I like Barbara's.

Finally, Janet Perry has written a multi-part round up of the show.  Here are the links.

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June 2010 Chilly Hollow Newsletter Article

Recently I just mounted three finished needlepoint canvases on the front of purses I picked up on sale here and there.  They all look great and it was pretty easy to do. 

In one instance I put glue around the margin of the stitched canvas, then cut it out close to the stitching and glued it on the front of a purse pocket.  In the other two instances I whip stitched the canvas to the front of fabric purses.  Whichever way you attach the canvas, it looks great, turning a $15 cheap sale purse into something unique and special.  Here are my three masterpieces:

The mermaid canvas bag (Melissa Shirley design)

The South Seas Fiji purse (Leigh Design)

The Cape Cod Dogs tote (Elizabeth Mumford painting licensed by Needlepoint of Back Bay)

If you have trouble finding good purses on sale locally, Beth Gantz Designs offers totes in a variety of colors.  Click on the Finishing header to see photos of some of their bags decorated with their stitched designs.

Needlepoint of Back Bay has two sizes of self-finishing totes that resemble the classic beach totes as well as a variety of styles of canvases that fit the tote space perfectly.

Charles Crafts distributes two sizes of bags you might be able to get through your local crafts emporium.

You can do this, too.  If you are not really up to finishing a purse yourself without help, take a look at the Pischke Pocket kits.  Stitched on 10 count canvas, the kits come with a cotton woven tote bag that coordinates with the design and all the threads you need to follow the included instructions and make your own Pischke Pocket bag.

UPDATE:  The Stitching Sisters have a review and photos of these totes on their blog.

Want something a little more complex?  Julie Pischke is known for her tote canvases and carpetbags.  Check out the tote canvases currently for sale.  I love the Conch House tote!

And of course you can find lovely bags from Lee and Stirling, ready to insert the canvas of your choice.

Written by Jane/Chilly Hollow Blogging at http://chillyhollownp.blogspot.com Archived Yahoo 360 postings at http://profiles.yahoo.com/chillyhollow