Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Jane Goes Skiing

Once I saw Sheena's snow stitch (link below), I decided to do a round up of canvases with snow and skiing. After all, I love cross country skiing! I don't do downhill as I have no talent for it (except for falling sideways onto the snow while wearing those skis--which apparently is quite difficult). But before we go there and my brother shows you the videos, let's look at Sheena's stitch diagram.

Now for the ski canvases.  Karen Cruden of Ewe and Eye has some classic snowmen designs.  Candy Rush is the gold standard of her series.

Sweet Stuff is smaller, more intimate as is Peppermint Twist (second link below).

Sweet Ride is similar.  Fun!

Shelly Comiskey has three Sledz canvases that are small and feature snowmen on traditional sleds.

If you like cute, how about Marcy Covington's Ski Bear?

Or Sev Ickes' Ski Couple?

Ok, those are my favorites.  What are yours?

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A Monogram for Christmas

Ridgewood has a really clever idea for a stitching gift on their blog today--combine a monogram canvas and a box lid and call it done!  Of course with Christmas almost here, this may not be feasible for a December 25 present but there are birthdays and anniversaries and other things in our futures where this will be a wonderful idea.

If boxes aren't your gift recipient's style, how about luggage tags?  I think these are from Lee/Colonial Needle, but I am not certain.

Nimble Needle has some gorgeous Creative Needle jewelry cases, too.

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