Saturday, May 14, 2011

Shop News

Did you enjoy the short article Rittenhouse posted about leather accessories a few days ago?  They've written another article about even more quick and useful projects.

Pocket Full of Stitches is showcasing all their real estate.  Painted canvas real estate, that is!  Stitch the house of your dreams without ever having to worry about a leaky roof, mowing the yard, or raking leaves.

Scarlet Thread has restocked the Threedles Cat's Eye chart and now offer full kits for two of the three colorways.  Even if you aren't interested in stitching a version of this award winner, check out the colors that go into each version.  It's amazing to see how little green and how much copper makes up the Cleopatra's Eye version that I saw and admired so at this year's Woodlawn Plantation exhibit.

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Tisha Has Wooden Legs

No, Tisha isn't the victim of a terrible accident and she's not studying to be Peg Leg Pete the Pirate.  She has the new wooden base for the metal K's floor stand!

I have this stand myself (although I use the original metal plate) and adore it.   I know some folks want a different base however, and the K's Creations folks always listen to their customers, hence this new option.  Here's the website so you can browse a little and see all the options and frames available.

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