Friday, February 12, 2010

Now We Wait

I have been t-stitching miles of background around my leaping deer on the tap pants canvas.  It is boring work but perfect to do while watching tv.  I am currently addicted to the Weather Channel.  You can get 2-4 rows of t-stitch done while waiting for an update to the D.C. weather!

By the way, Judy Harper has published a diagram for her version of t-stitch which is larger than the version I'm working.  It probably will work up a lot faster than mine.  There are endless variations on stitches and also endless names for the same stitch, aren't there?

While I stitch, I am thinking about Tony Minieri's Stars for the New Millennium. I want to work on it a little after the SharonG lingerie set is finished.  I have been reading about progress made on Stars at the Scarlet Thread stitching group and planning how I'll work the canvas.  You can read about Sara Leigh's plan of attack here.

I think I will work this top down, which means I will need to do all three borders across the top before I start the first quilt block star.  The order in which these stars are worked in the instructions is from the top row down, working left to right for each row.  (Of course I don't have to follow the instructions' order of stitching but I probably will.  Otherwise you all will rat me out to Tony Minieri!)  That means I can do mix up stitching star blocks, left and right side borders, and sashing sections between the quilt blocks.  That seems a sensible plan to me. I won't be bored and I'll keep my hands and arms off the stitching I've already done.

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