Friday, July 8, 2011

Kelly Clark News UPDATED

Kelly Clark has been busy.  In fact, you might wonder when she has time to sleep when you look at her accomplishments this month besides her TNNA show in Columbus which she has to pack up, set up, break down, mail home and of course then fill all the orders for. First of all, she just finished the crazy quilt design she is going to teach at The Needle House in Houston.

If you haven't seen the latest Kelly Clark Halloweenies characters, you will want to read all about them (including Robin's and Kelly's own contributions to the set) here.  Between Kelly's full figured gal and Robin's jeune fille witch plus all the original characters, there is a Halloween character for anyone's taste.

The very latest creation from She Who Never Sleeps is the Halloween candy monthly club, a joint venture between Kelly Clark and Ruth Schmuff.  Who can resist a bowl full of no calorie Halloween candy?!

UPDATE:  And she is working on a series of Thanksgiving canvases that will be a monthly club through Needle Works in Austin, TX.

Do you think she ever sleeps?

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