Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger May Be Fixed

Blogger is mostly (and I emphasize "mostly"!) fixed.  I think.  All the posts are back although not in the right order.  We'll see if everything publishes tomorrow correctly.  I'm not going to change the Canvas of the Day until then.

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"I'm going in!"

This is a direct quote from The Front Range Stitcher before she throws open the doors of Mindy's Needlepoint Factory and goes inside.  Lord!  I wish I'd been there, too!

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June is Wedding and Graduation Season

With June now approaching on the calendar, it's time to get wedding and graduation presents ready.  Rittenhouse knows our time is short, so they've written a nice little article about stitching small accessories that'll make those presents memorable ones.  How about his and her luggage tags for the new bride and groom's honeymoon?  Or how about a little box for the new graduate to put in their new apartment to remind them of home when they fly the nest for their first real job?

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The Designer Speaks

We are awfully lucky that the Internet has brought not only loads of fun stuff to buy into our homes, we get to interact with the designers themselves as well.  Orna Willis has let us know she has a granddaughter!  To celebrate, she is reprinting the family series of designs she wrote about in Needlepoint Now in 2001.  Every two weeks a new section of the design will appear on her blog as a free design, and each new posting will have a giveaway of the fibers Orna used for her model.  What a way to celebrate family!

Ruth Schmuff just got two of her mystery class pieces back from the finisher.  It's not your typical Christmas finishing, that's for sure!  Share her surprise and delight over at her blog.

Finally, my fellow stitch guide writer Vicky DeAngelis has been blogging about her latest Needle Deeva project and has run into a snag.  (Hint:  Look very carefully at the purple roof tiles between the middle and left window.)  Guess who shows up to solve the problem?  SharonG!

By the way, Blogger has been down for a very long time.  I think everything is fixed now, but don't count on it!

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