Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rundown of Classes and Workshops

I've started to collect notices of classes various shops are offering so I'll post them here. Remember to check back as I'll update this article over the next month instead of adding multiple blog postings.   First is the Bestitched Summer Workshop on a Zecca floral pattern.

Kay Stanis is going to teach one of her illuminated letters pieces at the San Diego Chapter of ANG's annual fund-raiser workshop.

Nimble Needle is going to use a Iona Dettelbach chart published by Rainbow Gallery to take intermediate stitchers into new territory.

The Needle Bug will have Julia Snyder teaching a painted canvas embellishment class at their shop in early June.  Here are photos from the last Julia class.

They also have teaching "Whiskers," a darling Santa ornament, today and tomorrow.  If you don't make it to the shop, they will do a mail order class for you--with free shipping!

BeStitched has a Summer Youth Program, which essentially means young stitchers teaching other young stitchers to needlepoint.

Robin King's going to be teaching in Ohio at What's the Point.  She's not the only teacher they are having over, either!   (shop website is second link)


Robin's also going to be at Bristly Thistle this fall.  Here are the details.

SharonG is going to be at Needle Works in Austin October 18-21 to teach two days of canvas embellishment and a two day class on her Graphic Waves piece.  This is hot news and there is nothing on the Needle Works site yet but you can call them for information.

Barbara Bergsten has designed a smaller shift dress canvas in pink and green for the mother/daughter class that Simply Needlepoint has planned for this summer.  Here's the canvas.

Here's the shop website with contact information, but no class info yet.

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Glimpses of Woodlawn UPDATED

Third Place, Tara Roberts

Since so many of us live too far to make the trip to see the Woodlawn needlework show, and with 600 items on display, the likelihood of Woodlawn doing another online photo album is right up there with the likelihood of me being elected Miss Universe tomorrow,  I've been begging folks I know exhibited to send me photographs to put on Blog. You've already seen the Fishing Lady (who is awesome!) but I have more eye candy for you today.   Let's start with the unframed Granda (a design by Jane Zimmerman) by Tara Roberts, which is the photo you see above. This won a third place ribbon.  Zimmerman's silk and metal embroidery pieces rely heavily on the play of light across perfectly laid silk so I can't wait to see this one in person.  No photograph can capture that reflective light well.

First Place (2011), Tara Roberts
If you recognize Tara's name, it is probably because she won a blue ribbon at Woodlawn for this beauty (Diamond Delight IV by DeeBee's Designs) last year.

Arlene Cohen

Arlene Cohen (whom you will remember from the Woodlawn 2011 article I wrote about her designs based on a lace pattern she made)...

... only sent one piece to Woodlawn this year.  What you see above is Jean Hilton's ScottLee.  Arlene sent me close ups of her color version of this classic design because the photo of the framed version makes the blues too turquoise.

ScottLee Up Close

Arlene wrote this about her ScottLee:  "The interesting tidbit that I have to share about this piece is that I did work on the border first, as in the instructions, but then went a bit out of order. In making color decisions as I went from the most inside out, I realized that the blue that all those Jessicas were stitched with simply wasn't the right shade any more. Debated and debated, but realized that I would never be happy with the finished piece if left as is. So, out came the entire blue border (at some point I counted how many Jessicas that was, but don't remember at the moment) which had been in a DMC pearle and back in with a much softer color and slightly darker Splendor silk. It's the only piece at Woodlawn for me this year."

Arlene's ScottLee Unframed
Here is Arlene's ScottLee unframed.  This is much closer to the actual color.  It's beautiful in those soft blues, tans and creams with a green accent.

If you have a Facebook account, see if you can see this posting which shows the piece Ruth Dilts won a 2nd place for.  I believe it was finished to resemble a snow globe.  Ruth is going to teach this with Joan Lohr at the Columbus trade show in June.

If you can't view the Facebook photo, here's one from the TNNA website of classes.  This is a design from Kirk and Hamilton.

Carol Sylvester

My final photograph is one of the three pieces that Carol Sylvester exhibited.  Carol took the photograph before framing.  This is a now discontinued ANG correspondence course design called Oriental Poppies by Pat Van Cleve.  There is still information about the class on the ANG website, although you can no longer sign up for the course.

Carol sent me links to two other pieces she stitched.  The first link is to a Brazilian embroidery design that won a blue ribbon for Carol.  This is a photo of the designer's model, not a photograph of Carol's design.  I believe the designer is Anna G.

Carol writes about the second link which is below--"The page it's on is the gallery for people in the EGA Master Craftsman program in surface embroidery. This was step six, the ethnic embroidery step. It's a shisa cushion. This piece got an honorable mention.  I wanted to complete the program last year, and was awarded my Master Craftsman certification last fall. It will become official at this year's EGA seminar."

Congratulations on becoming a Master Craftsman, Carol, and many congratulations on the ribbons to everyone.  I am thrilled you were willing to share you work with Blog's readers!

Beth Robertson (you know Beth, she's part of the team behind the Stitches for Effect books) won a blue ribbon for an original design at Woodlawn.  She posted a photograph on Facebook.  I hope you can see it by clicking on the link, but if not it is a crazy quilt type design in roses, red-violets and golds.

UPDATE:  MaggieB, whom I think belongs to Nelly's Needlers which is the group that runs the Woodlawn Needlework Exhibit, posted links to articles about the show which ends next Sunday.

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