Monday, November 8, 2010

Where Do I Go From Here?

Last night I did more beading and basketweave while I pondered my next move on Luna.  The end is in sight for the gown so my next move is to figure out what part of Luna to stitch after the long gown is finished. Looking at her figure, the purple lining of the cloak is behind her hair. The sleeves are prominent and in one area touch the cloak lining, which means I'll want to do the lining before the sleeves or hair. The hood of her cloak is certainly behind her hair so I might want to stitch it before her hair so I don't snag any hair stitches.  The same thing is true of the cloak across her shoulders:  it is also behind her hair.  The broach, ring and fingers are going to be a problem when it comes to deciding when to stitch them.  I don't want them to snag anything next to them.

Since I like to work from the background forward, it makes sense for me to tackle the inside of her cloak, the hood and the cloak across her shoulders, and possibly the fingers and ring next.  I will start seriously thinking about them while I continue to bead and basketweave that gown.

Sorry it has taken so long but Luna's a big girl.  The canvas is on 12x20 inch stretcher bars, and Luna's gown is roughly 12 inches tall with a width that varies from 1 to 5 inches.  Lots and lots of work!

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