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Oh My Gosh! More Blue Russian News! UPDATED

Gold Maiden

Look at that! There's a new Maiden companion to the Russian Santas set from Leigh Designs, exclusive to the Enriched Stitch which is doing a monthly club with four of the Russian Santas!

I want hair like that!

UPDATE:  Enriched Stitch has posted photographs of the two finished Russian Santas in their Leigh Designs club which they are about to ship to club members.  They call them The Ivans.  LOL

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March 21-25 Exemplary

The National Academy of Needle Arts's seminar and exhibit is in Troy, Michigan from March 21-25. If you are in the area, please go see some outstanding needlework!

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The Best Needlework Shops 2014

This article is over two years old, but is receiving a lot of visitors recently, so I thought I would republish it so that folks can add more shops to the list if they so desire. After all, there are new shops Out There, and I know I didn't include all that are fabulous. So please add your favorites in the Comments section.  If the Comments section doesn't work, please email me at chilly hollow athotmaildotcom and I will post for you. Thanks!

Welcome to the list of the best needlework shops as recommended by readers of Blog.  My list is by state (and alphabetically within state) to help folks who stumble across this posting locate a shop as close to them as possible. After all, who wants to stand at the mailbox waiting for a package any longer than necessary?


Alabama:  The Needle Bug in Montgomery is updating their website right now so you can't see what a terrific shop they are, but trust me,  this is a shop you want to visit for their terrific inventory and even better classes.  The customer service is first rate as well.

Arizona:  The West in Tucson donates all their profits to charity.  The volunteers who run the shop are extremely knowledgable and helpful!

Arizona:  BeStitched in Scottsdale is one of the newest shops on this list.  Folks rave about their shop.

Arizona:   Old Town Needlework (also in Scottsdale) is a classic shop that specializes in Southwestern themed needlepoint and cross stitch.    I can tell I need to schedule a Scottsdale and Tucson vacation to check everything out!

Arizona:  Quail Run Needlework (also in Scottsdale) has one of the best newsletters you will ever read.  They do wonderful classes, have great finishers, and also have a terrific stock of canvases.

Arizona:  Family Arts Needlework Shop in Phoenix has a wonderful selection of painted canvases and every type of thread you could imagine or want. They have been in existence since 1967, are staffed by volunteers (plus paid professional Director) and donate their profits to charities that assist women and children.

California:  Aristeia is the home of amazing teachers and amazing stitch guides, particularly for Melissa Shirley designs.  They also do a fabulous yearly retreat.

California:  2 the Point in Pleasonton, CA is run by Terry Christopher who does amazing guides for her customers and for her monthly clubs.  Terry's tastes in canvases is much like mine, so I can't wait for her website update so I can browse her lovely selection of canvases again.

California: Come to the Point in San Rafael is a tiny shop run by Michelle who sends out a fantastic shop e-newsletter full of fascinating information, and who specializes in great customer service.  If you are a guild member, there's a ten percent discount.  Michelle treats you right.

California: Needle in a Haystack in Alameda is a fabulous source for unusual threads and counted thread supplies. I use their online thread listing constantly and order anything exotic from them. They ship once a week and they are a long way from me, so mail orders from them take 2-4 weeks to get to me, but it's always worth the wait. Note their new address as they just moved.

California: Needle Nook of La Jolla always has the latest canvases, and their sale prices and trunk show discounts are fabulous. They also have a very good stock of books and tools of various kinds. I visit their photo galleries a lot to see the latest thing that isn't up on a designer website yet. Note that their hours as they are not open weekdays for after-work visitors.

California:  Queen Anne Stitches in Santa Clarita doesn't have a website, just a Facebook page, but they carry wonderful canvases and Sherry Bray teaches there.  Definitely stop in if you are in the area.

Connecticut: Alex Paras NeedleArts is my go-to site for canvases from Leigh Designs as they always have the latest designs from her plus exclusives that you can't get anywhere else. They have a nice little selection of tools, many charts, and some great photos of stitched models scattered throughout the website. If you plan to visit in person, you'll actually be visiting Thistle Needleworks in Glastonbury. AP NeedleArts is their online presence but in person they are Thistle Needleworks. Wherever you go, you'll find lovely stuff and knowledgeable staff ready to help.

Connecticut:  Enriched Stitch is a newer shop, distinguished by their very talented staff and amazing classes and stitch guides.  They have a wonderful annual retreat.

Florida:  Absolutely Needlepoint is Miami's needlepoint shop.  They do really great classes and are enough to bring any stitching tourist off the beach and indoors.

Florida:  Bristly Thistle is where I want to retire.  Michele does terrific stitch guides and classes but throw in a beach and wonderful trunk shows, and this is the place to settle in.

Florida:  Needle Nicely in Vero Beach has a lot to offer, from custom designs made specifically to your needs, expert help with color matching for kits, a gigantic inventory of every type of canvas you could want, plus a big stock of Paternayan for those who can't find it elsewhere, finishers who can do anything! and of course an extremely helpful staff to work with you on anything from picking the perfect design and threads to stitching it.  If you need it, Mary Agnes has it.  If you need help, Mary Agnes will provide it.  Oh, don't miss the sale pages on Mary Agnes' blog (second link).

Florida:  Needlepoint in Paradise is in Naples, Florida.  They have a terrific sales section called Almost Paradise on their website and a wonderful stock of canvases to admire.

Florida:  Stitches By the Sea is in Delray Beach, Florida.  They are in a resort community and ship everywhere to customers who visit only during "the season."

Georgia:  In Stitches (Atlanta) has two great shops, one in Buckhead and the otherin Newnan. Both have an incredible selection of threads, canvases and accessories! The staff is very experienced and is always willing to help with stitch and thread suggestions. They also offer classes from many fun and creative teachers - nationally known as well as "hidden treasures". Another great perk to this shop is the fabulous in-house finishing!

Illinois: Designers Desk is the place to find discontinued charts, threads or canvases plus amazing customer service. They moved to a renovated three story house in Geneva about four years ago and filled every inch with what a needleworker needs. They will rush it out to you, too. There's never any waiting unless they actually don't have something and have to track it down from their gigantic contact list. Believe me, Pat knows everyone! You need it, she'll find it.

Kentucky:  Beth's Needlepoint Nook not only has a big website and usually two trunk shows a month, they have a Cash for Stash program, many monthly clubs for their customers' mail order fun, and will do a free stitch guide for any canvas purchased with fibers from the shop.  I can vouch for their superb customer service myself.   If you are ever in Louisville, make sure you don't miss Beth's!

Kentucky:  M's Canvashouse is owned by Meredith Willet, who also owns Elizabeth Turner Designs. So you know this is going to be good!  The shop has two locations;  in Louisville and in Lexington.

Maryland:  Bedecked and Beaddazzled is Ruth Schmuff's shop, full of amazing bling and fun canvases that Ruth distributes that you can't find anywhere else.  Ruth is known for her mystery classes by mail.  Bookmark her blog and watch her dazzle us with her incredible stitching!

Massachusetts:  Good Harbot Needlepoint is a brand new (2015) shop in Topsfield, MA.  WWD writes: "I haven't shopped there in person, but I recently had excellent mail order service from Susan at Good Harbor Needlepoint in Topsfield.  We communicated via email and over the phone and everything was seamless.  She even contacted me after I received the package to make sure everything was to my liking."

Michigan:  Homestead Needle Arts isn't flashy.  They don't have a grand website or big sales, but concentrate on a wonderful newsletter, canvases that you can't find anywhere else, and the best customer service you will ever find.

Michigan:  Peacock Alley Needlepoint is a fun shop that specializes in customer service and has a amazing shop window every month.  Follow them on Facebook to see the latest goodies.

Michigan:  The Wool and the Floss in Grosse Pointe has been around for twenty plus years and is a great resource.  The shop offers a nice selection of canvases and threads, classes 3-4 times a week, and great finishing. They are also happy to help with any questions or problems that arise and also offer knitting supplies.

Minnesota:  3 Kittens Needle Arts is located in the Minneapolis suburb of Mendota Heights.  My spy says it carries both needlepoint and knitting and is known for its outstanding customer service, a thread inventory of many, many different kinds of threads, a wonderful book selection and a large inventory of canvases. They have frequent and great classes for all levels of stitchers and knitters. The stitch guides available from their in-house instructors are spectacular. The finishing done is classic, modern, creative, and innovative. Custom acrylics and other custom finishing is a specialty.

Missouri:  Needlepoint Club House in St. Louis is owned and operated by a very talented group of stitchers.  Their classes with nationally known teachers such as Susan Portra, Sandy Arthur, Brenda Hart, David McCaskill and Julia Snyder are wonderful!

Nevada:  Most people go to Las Vegas to gamble but needlepointers go there because that's where Stitcher's Paradise is located!  I've heard great things about this shop.

Nevada:  If you happen to be in Reno, don't miss Stitch in Time at 5000 Smithridge Dr., Suite A-15, Reno, NV 89502. 775-829-9222. Email  The shop is small but choice and the owner Vicky Miller has classes and stitch in days.  They also carry cross stitch.

New York City:  Annie and Company is in Manhattan and everyone raves about it.   (Yes, I know I should have typed NY State but I used to live in The City, so bear with me here.  And no, Annie's wasn't there yet so I've never been.)

Ohio:  Absolutely Needlepoint got a rave review from a customer who says she spends way too much money there but it is worth every penny.  The shop doesn't have a website, but you can find them at 7117 Miami Avenue, Cincinnati, OH  45243, phone 513/561-7999, or you can follow them on Facebook.

Ohio:  What's the Point? Needlepoint is in Dublin, a suburb of Columbus.  This shop offers wonderful clubs and classes, stocks a lot of great canvases and is always surprising us with great sales via their Facebook page.  Don't miss the videos of the shop interior on FB!

Oregon:  Mindy's Needlepoint Factory in Eugene isn't only a great shop with a fabulous selection of trims, buttons and canvases, it is the home of the designer Mindy.  There's a wonderful video on the Mindy website but don't forget to peruse her designs as well when you visit the webstore.

Pennsylvania: Fireside Stitchery is the closest out-of-state shop to me so when I need it NOW and the local shops don't have it,  I order from them. They have a fabulous stock of threads and charts and some lovely wooden tools and also have constant trunk shows.

Pennsylvania:  The Porcupine is located in Sewickley, right outside of Pittsburgh. It has a lovely selection of fibers and painted canvases according to my informant.  Judging from their website, they do lots of classes and clubs, too.

Pennsylvania:  Rittenhouse Needlepoint is right in the heart of Philadelphia.  The shop has great finishing, does stitch guides and charity works and is just a fun place to hang out.  Personally, I love to search their online shop.

South Carolina:  It's a Stitch in Charleston (technically St. Johns Island) is full of talented staff and some very fun clubs with a regional flavor.  Check out that alligator club!  LOL  They also bring in national renowned teachers and keep a stock of great canvases to satisfy their discriminating stitchers and the visitors to their lovely vacation spots.  If you need a little Southern charm and a souvenir of a trip to Charleston, this is the place to visit.

South Carolina:  Two's Company in Rock Hill is worth a visit just for their full selection of threads.  It's been described to me as a threadaholic's dream!  The owner will create any custom canvas you want, too.

Tennessee:  Amy Bunger's shop, Amy's Golden Strand, is the home of amazing Home Study classes, great threads and the incredible Amy herself.  If you are in Memphis, call to see if you can arrange a visit.  Last I heard the shop is open by appointment only.

Texas:  Chaparral Needlepoint in Houston is one of the original shops to start offering monthly clubs. The shop has a huge stock of canvases and all sorts of trims, thanks to Carolyn Hedge Baird who manages a ribbon/beads/trims shop within-a-shop for the stitcher who wants a huge selection of finishing materials for their canvases.  They do wonderful classes, too.   Of course this is also a good place to pick up one of Carolyn's books if your local is sold out.  Bet if you ask nicely Carolyn will also autograph it for you!

Texas:  Creative Stitches in Dallas carries both needlepoint and cross stitch and a lot of different fibers, not to mention great classes.  My spy says it is a great place to spend both time and money!

Texas:  Fancy Stitches in Cleburne carries unique Texas items, has great classes and does superb finishing.

Texas:  Needle Works in Austin has one of the largest selections of threads you could ever want and always have the latest canvases and the greatest teachers visiting.  They ship quickly and are always helpful with ideas.  I use them a lot to match thread colors because of their wide selection.  Tell them you need DMC color #whatever in a silk and wool and they will find you imaginative choices to choose from.  Don't miss their blog, which always has great information.

Texas:  Pocket Full of Stitches in Lubbock are the creators of the monthly clubs that every shop offers now.  They have a great selection of them, wonderful sales and terrific customer service.

Virginia: Waste Knot is my local shop. It is fabulous, especially when it comes to painted canvases and books!  I salute you, Lori! (Good thing I don't live close by or I'd be bankrupt.)  They don't carry counted charts, though.

South Dakota:  Barbara's Needlepoint doesn't have a website but they do have great in-house designers, a wonderful limited edition Santa canvas each year, and terrific finishing.  Follow them on Facebook and stop in if you are ever in Sioux Falls.

Washington State:  The Needlepointer in Everett is known for their clubs, classes and designer events when they pair a trunk show with a personal visit from the designer, often with a reception and lecture.  My spies add that the shop is known for its colorful thread room, excellent instruction, beautiful finishing, monthly trunk shows as well as in-house inventory canvases, and retreats held three times per year.

Washington State: Threadneedle Street has a great selection of books, silks and silk gauze supplies. I visit their site to just read the book reviews!

Many thanks to all the shops who cater to us so very well!

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I'm Hungry Now

Thanks to the Kreinik blog, I discovered the UK teacher and counted canvaswork designer Yvonne Close.

Her designs are available under the West End Designs name on her website. And yes, I've updated the Counted Canvaswork Designs tab with Yvonne's information.

Those cupcakes are making me hungry!

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