Friday, January 7, 2011

TNNA: January 2011

TNNA's January 2011 trade show in Long Beach, California is beginning.  Lots and lots of folks have promised to update their websites or blogs with information about all the lovely new things the designers, thread manufacturers or accessory makers are going to tempt the shops to stock for us stitchers.  I'm hoping they update their website with wonderful photos of the booths but for now, we'll have to be content reading the 2010 survey summary on the state of needle arts. Did you know needlepointers spent $119 million in 2009 on an average of 13 projects per year?  You can find more interesting statistics here.

Pocket Full of Stitches is already posting new items on their blog. First they showed off new designs from Eye Candy, whose seasonal trees you probably have seen in Needlepoint Now.  Ada Hyden, the designer behind Eye Candy, has posted great photos on Stitcherie which are much better than the ones in the magazine.  The trees are fabulous with very creative stitches when you see them in good photographs.  Believe me, NP Now hasn't done them justice!

For those who prefer counted canvaswork, not to worry.  Many Eye Candy painted canvases are available as charts, too.

PFOS has started a multi-part listing of new Julia canvases.  Here's the first one.  Watch their blog for more of Julia's designs.

Barbara Bergsten, always organized, has posted all her 2011 designs on her website.  I recognize many of them from her blog so I know most, if not all, have free stitch guides posted on her website.  Get your shop to order the canvas you want, then visit Barbara online to download a guide to that canvas--easy!'s_new.htm

Orna Willis has plans for 2011, plans that include all sorts of wonderful things in terms of PDF instructions and kits at her Etsy store.

Summer Louise Truswell has posted photographs of three of her newest designs plus a photo of the pillow she stitched for her mother for Christmas.   The instructions are available through instant download or in booklet form at the links included.  Love that Santa Spinner!

As always Patt and Lee Designs is showing us all the work that goes into preparing for Market.  If you are a shop going to TNNA, please give Patt and Lee a hug from me and thank them for lifting the curtain and showing how the magic is done.

I should mention that not only the newest items are shown at Market.  There are always classic designs available that, while they may not be brand new, are new to many of us.  Check out the Ann Wheat Pace Easter Egg canvas all stitched up here.

I hope to post links to many new TNNA articles over the next 3-4 days.  Stay tuned!

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Monthly Clubs and Big January Sales

A great many needlepoint shops have a January sale going on now.  Here are the ones I know about:

Needlepoint in the 21st Century has painted and printed canvases on sale.  Check out the home page and also the Clearance page for some big bargains.  I don't think any of their great book collection is on sale, however.

Old World Designs will sell in-stock painted canvases at 25% off from January 15-29.  Books, some threads and accessories are also on sale but the newsletter didn't spell out what or how much off.  They have a Shorebird Studio trunk show until January 12 if you are a fan of Kate Molineux's designs like I am.

The French Knot in Texas has a one day sale on 1/8/11 with in stock painted canvases between 30-85% off and some threads a dollar a skein.  They also will special order canvases at a 20% discount.  Remember, this is a one day only sale.

Chaparral Needlepoint in Texas is putting almost everything in the shop on sale at 20% off from January 10-15. has added to their 50% off sale canvases page.  Note the sale runs until Jan. 15.

When it comes to monthly clubs, ads in the needlepoint magazines are full of new items.  The Needlepointer hasn't updated their monthly club page yet, but they plan a ribbon candy canvas club, a club featuring Melissa Shirley's tiny fancy pumpkins that spell out Thanksgiving, and a peppermint patty club of double sided canvases that make sweet treats for all stitchers.  All these start this month, so hopefully the website will have this information soon.

Do you love Christmas and train sets?  Then the Toy Express series from Needleworks in Birmingham, Alabama is for you.

Nordic Needle is jumping into the monthly club business with their counted canvaswork Seasonal Snowflakes.

Chandail is working with Melissa Shirley to create Santa Bells, a series of her classic Santa designs in "snow globe bell" form.  Each bell is 5 inches high so these can be made up into ornaments or finished as a series of stand up designs.  You can see the first three Santa bells on their home page.  Follow the links for nice big photos.  My favorite is the red Santa holding the bird tree but you may prefer one of the more over-the-top designs that still manage to be elegant in true Chandail style.

A Stitch in Time is offering Raymond Crawford flowers of the month in a cheerful club that will bring spring to you any month of the year.

Finally, Old Town Needlework in Arizona is doing a kimono club.  The designs are darling but sadly only the details are on their website. No pictures!  The 3 x 3 1/2 inch kimonos are all from Lee or Patt and Lee Designs.

Written by Jane/Chilly Hollow Blogging at Archived Yahoo 360 postings at