Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Want to Cruise on the Queen Mary?

If you ever wanted to sail on the Queen Mary and learn about embroidery from people trained by the Royal School of Needlework, do I have a deal for you! 

But you need to move quickly as the Queen Mary retreat sails September 21-27 at Long Beach.

UPDATE:  This isn't a real cruise, but classes held on the ship with off shop tours and fun included.  I don't know if you are allowed to stay on the boat but wouldn't this be the greatest pajama party ever?

"Both Lucy and Sarah are well versed in needlepoint (both apprenticed at the Royal School of Needlework) and can support anyone who wants to use needlepoint techniques during the 4 day design class. With the current trend to mix in elements of metal work or stumpwork into the needlepoint, I would argue that this is a great way to add more embellishments to needlepoint.
The 3 day design class is actually being done using a dyed needlepoint canvas. Drawn and woven on canvas is much easier than a fine linen, and adds a different dimension to the possibilities in a needlepoint.

The Queen Mary is permanantly docked, it does not leave for open waters."

Still sounds like the world's greatest party!  Wish I could be there to have all this fun and education on a wonderful setting.

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The Stitchery on St. Simons Island

Rosie's been in Georgia, visiting St. George's Island.  While there she stumbled across The Stitchery.  Here's what she found.

They may not stock stitch guides but they have a lovely little online shop for those of us who aren't making it to the Georgia beaches this year.

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Why You Should Not Buy Stitch Guides on eBay

The selling of copied stitch guides on eBay is going strong.  This is illegal and not ethical to boot.  This week Cynthia Thomas succeeded in having a sale of one of her stitch guides removed from eBay because the sale was of a copy that this seller has sold over and over again.

Also this week I've seen an eBay seller take photos from a hand painted canvas designer's blog, watermark the designer's photos with the eBay seller name, and use those photographs to sell several canvases. In this person's world, I guess if you put your name on it, it is yours.  This is not ethical either.  This is becoming such a problem that Ruth Schmuff has devoted an entire blog column to it.

Tony Minieri's stitch guides are being sold from his new website as PDF files to help avoid copying as one buys the PDF file with the express understanding that it cannot be printed out and resold.

Ever wonder why some shops won't sell a stitch guide unless you buy the canvas and/or threads at the same time?  The  rampant copying, sharing and sale of their guides has forced them to adopt this policy, as Amy Bunger explains in this interview.

I would think long and hard about buying a stitch guide on eBay or Etsy.  Clues that the sale aren't legit--the seller isn't one of the shops with an eBay presence like Fireside, Bloomin' Stitches, Beth's Needlepoint or Nimble Needle.  Another red flag--the seller is fairly new with less than 100 sales.  Another clue--the seller's photographs are watermarked with the seller name and/or use photos that you've seen elsewhere to promote the sale.  A third clue--the guide is being sold by itself without the canvas.  (Usually if the canvas and guide are sold together, it's a legit sale.)

Of course there are certainly lots of eBay sellers with these clues that are legit.  I apologize to them right now but the thieves are giving you a bad name.  As a stitch guide writer myself, I am very worried that the sales of stolen guides will mean fewer guides are written.  Why go to all that work for naught?

If you stumble across a sale with more than one of these red flags however, be very careful.  If you buy a guide and when it arrives it is an obvious copy, please alert eBay and let the stitch guide author know the eBay seller name.

Actually, I'd like to see a boycott of stitch guide sales on eBay.  I know that's not realistic but the only way to stop the wholesale theft of stitch guides is to not buy them.  A thief won't steal what they can't resell.

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