Thursday, June 11, 2015

Just Stick Beads Anywhere UPDATED

Beaded Berries

Mary Corbet did an interesting article about adding beads to almost any embroidery stitch I thought you might find interesting.

Mary's right--Sundance's little book on bead embroidery makes the same point.  And I know it myself as I often add beads to any stitch to get unusual effects.

See the picture above?  Those little beaded berries (on Leigh's Imari Dragonflies) are round Rhodes stitches.  Come up, string on beads, go down.  Easy peasy, although you will need to use more beads as the hump gets bigger to reach from one side to the other.

It's a fact, beads and stitches go together like peanut butter and jelly.

(By the way, Tisha has Sundance's booklet for sale at a good price if you want one.)

UPDATE:  Pippa's adding beads everywhere in her beads with stitches sampler.  There are some terrific ideas here!

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The Defuzzing Tool UPDATED

Kathy at the Unbroken Thread is stitching a crewel piece by Nicola Jarvis and ran into a problem with the black wool she was using on one of the birds--it fuzzed!  You won't believe what she used to fix the problem--a baby brush from the drugstore!

The ones we have in the US are more like this...

...but I bet they work the same and that we can find them even cheaper than this one I found online.  Great idea!  I think this will work nicely for removing bits of ripped out threads and the little fuzzy pieces you sometimes have after trimming turkey work.

Time to go shopping for a new tool!

UPDATE:  Patricia swears by these little plaque brushes for removing fuzz.

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