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My Favorites from TNNA Winter 2014

I think we are all doing a little online wish fulfillment as we browse all the updated websites, blogs and Facebook pages to see the very latest from our favorite designers, authors, thread manufacturers and tool makers.    This year I thought I'd grab photos of things that caught my eye and post them here,  so you didn't miss anything fabulous.  (By the way, I'm still updating the Winter Market 2014 tab as shops get home and post photos, so check there occasionally to see the very latest.)  Here is what caught my eye--

Debbie Mumm Nativity Piece
I love Nativity sets so I was thrilled to see several new ones.  Melissa Shirley has released a Debbie Mumm set that is just wonderful.  The link below shows the set.  However, it doesn't show The Three Wise Men in a stocking version with two little sheep looking up at them from the stocking toe.  A stocking might be a good investment for those who don't want to stitch all the little figures but still want a Nativity piece for Christmas.

Labors of Love Nativity Models

Labors of Love has released three figures from their own Nativity which you see finished in easel backs with wide edges with a dimensional manger base.  The finishing definitely made this set wonderful!  I hope they do more figures each year to add to this collection.  After all, the Three Wise Men are my favorites in any Nativity.  (hint, hint)

Labors of Love Dimensional Bell Canvas and Model

Speaking of Labors of Love and dimensional pieces, I think their 3-D bells are going to be really popular.  Above you can see one made up with the two piece unstitched canvas.

Exotic Jardinieres from Colors of Praise
Colors of Praise knows color.  All their canvases are saturated with the most brilliant colors!  I picked the still life above but there were many wonderful designs on display.  Sadly, none seem to be on their website yet.

Whimsy and Grace Leaves Scissors Case

Whimsy and Grace has the most beautiful colors scissors case!  I think the canvas comes with the perfect tassel, too.  This is from their Autumn Leaves Collection, just in case you want a bookmark, a glasses case, a brick cover, etc. instead of a scissor case.

Laurel Burch Lotus?

There are a lot of folks who love Laurel Burch's patterns.  Here's my favorite from her line by Danji.  I am calling it a lotus but it's not on the Danji website yet so who knows?   I am certain that it is beautiful!

Lani's Horse Collage

Another very popular designer is Lani.  Her animal photo collages were very popular (above is the horses but there is a similar cats design) but my favorite were her corsets, some of which you can see below.  I remember seeing photos of four corsets.  My favorite is on the right below.  None of these are up on her website yet.

Lani Corsets 

A third very popular designer is Sandra Gilmore who designs under the Once in a Blue Moon name.

New View from Sandra Gilmore

She has a wonderful window and view series, and released two versions of a San Diego Jerusalem window/view this show (correction from Vicky DeAngelis).  The one above was my favorite but the other shows more of the room.  These are not on the Fleur de Paris website yet.

Joy Juarez Lotus Blossoms

Fleur de Paris also distributes Joy Juarez, who showed this gorgeous floral.  There is also a new lion collage from Joy that is magnificent but I had to choose, so I went with the lotus blossoms.  I am a sucker for any lotus design!

ETC's Portrait of a Sheep

Another favorite designer is Elizabeth Turner Collections.  Besides their magnets and purse/shoe canvases,  ETC showed some wonderful animal portraits this year. My favorite was the sheep but there is a very expressive cow portrait plus a rabbit and owl and rooster and even raccoon.  Sadly, none of these seem to be on their website yet.

Twelve Days of Xmas Tree from K and B

When it comes to unusual pieces, I think the award goes to Kirk and Bradley (formerly Kirk and Hamilton) which showed a wonderful Twelve Days Christmas tree.  (I just found out from Waste Knot there is a Twelve Days stocking in a similar style for fans of Twelve at Xmas.) Don't miss the party animals celebrating, however.  Those ornaments are even more different!

K and B Seagull in the Wind

If I had to pick one piece from Kirk and Bradley, though, it would be this small piece.  If I've seen this once, I've seen it a million times at the shore.  I just found the seagull charming.

Winter Polar Bears from Melissa Shirley

Come to think about it, one of the most popular trends at the show was animal canvases.  The polar bears above are from Melissa Shirley.

BB Designs Birds (above and below)

Birds are a perennial favorite.  BB Designs had some wonderful bird ornaments.   I don't know which I like best so here are both winter birds ornaments from Sally Baer that caught my eye.  There are more bird ornaments on the BB Designs website.

Cardinals from Maggie

These male cardinals are gorgeous. I think they are from The Collection Designs but I am not sure.  They were not identified in the photo I admired and The Collections website hasn't been updated. Vicky and Kristen both say the cardinals are from Maggie.  Checking Maggie's website, these may be from the Jennifer Brinley-Ruth Levinson partnership.

CBK Penguins

If you like more whimsical birds, how about CBK's penguins carrying home their Christmas tree?  I don't know which artist this is from and couldn't find it on their huge website.  Sorry. Vicky says the artist is Scott Church, distributed by CBK.

World's Cutest Fox from Princess & Me

Painted canvases featuring animals were definitely the theme of the show.  Besides birds, especially owls, I think the new "in" animal might be the fox.  This one is from Princess and Me.   I don't see it on their website yet but it is marvelous.

The Wedding Dance from Princess & Me

My very favorite Princess and Me canvas isn't the fox, though.  It is the wedding dance ornament above.  Isn't that elegant?

Renaissance Designs' Woodland Christmas Fox Sock

Back to the foxes, this little stocking from Renaissance Designs' A Woodland Christmas series is a charmer.  There is a bigger version with a moose, a series of small round ornaments of many animals in the same style, and a big circular design with Santa and all the forest animals. I love it!

More Woodland Xmas from Renaissance

Since the Woodland Christmas series isn't on the Renaissance Designs website yet, I thought I'd add another photo that shows the animal ornaments since you may like something better than the fox.

Associated Talents' Nutcracker Star

I saved my favorite of all the traditional Christmas pieces for last.  This is from Associated Talents.  It was beautifully stitched and finished and just a charmer, don't you think?  I love the expression and the hair and beard and the hat.   I couldn't find it on their website yet.

I hope I got all the credits right.  I copied what the shops said and by the second day I think they were all run off their feet!  Thanks for all your work posting photos, shops!  You know who you are.

Do you have your own favorites?  Add them with a link in the comments below so we can admire them, too.

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