Tuesday, October 6, 2015

My Personal Favorites from Destination Dallas

"View of St. Andrews" by Otto Agular/Purple Palm

Let me show you my personal favorites from Destination Dallas. First up is this piece from Otto Agular, the new artist represented by Purple Palm Designs.  There are quite a few new pieces from him available to stitch but this one really caught my eye.  You can see all of them on Purple Palm Designs' Facebook page.

Mary Lake-Thompson's Witch on a Bike

I also like the new Mary Lake-Thompson witch on her bicycle with her streaming red hair and the hissing cat in the tote bag up front.  Even the smiling pumpkin riding the rear makes me smile.  Melissa Shirley Designs posted information about this new design from their MLT line on Facebook.

Mary Tussey's "Drink Up Witches!"

What Halloween decor wouldn't be livened up by Mary Tussey's latest?  Giggles are guaranteed!

Elizabeth Turner Collection's Rabbit Portrait

Elizabeth Turner Collection has added a rabbit to their animal portrait line.  It's a real honey, too!

Liz Hess Painting, Distributed by Barbara Russell

Barbara Russell has adapted this wonderful Liz Hess painting to needlepoint canvas.

Elizabeth Turner Collection

I really like this spooky still life from Elizabeth Turner Collection.

Melissa Prince's Robin Wreath

The bird wreath from Melissa Prince Design is lovely.

Share One's Ideas Rabbit Wreath

Wreaths must be in these days.  I really like the bunny wreath from Share One's Ideas, too.

Sharon Hendy-Moman's "Breeze Caught Kimono"

I'm a sucker for Asian themes on needlepoint canvas so I really liked Ruth Schmuff's latest artist, Sharon Hendy-Moman.  I particularly like her "The Breeze Caught My Kimono" which you see above.

A Prancing Pink Poodle form Pajamas and Chocolate

Patt of Pajamas and Chocolate tickled my funny bone with this Pink Poodle with Attitude.  LOL

Mindy's "Art Nouveau Tile"

I have always loved Mindy's designs.  Her new "Art Nouveau Tile" design is an instant classic.

Mary Engelbreit's "This Is The Life"

Painted Pony Designs has bought the rights to reproduce some of Mary Engelbreit's designs on needlepoint canvas.  It's hard to pick a favorite but "This Is The Life" is really fun and has the bonus of looking like me when I was ten.

Kimberly's "Little Dancer"
Kimberly Smith has quite a few new canvases out, and once again it is hard to pick a favorite.   I finally settled on the bird and flower piece above but it was a hard choice!

Patti Mann Does Wizard of Oz AND The Mummy

Choosing from Patti Mann's newest was so hard I gave up and picked two ornaments!

So what were YOUR favorites?

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