Thursday, July 5, 2012

TNNA Columbus 2012 Wrap Up

While I was hauling water, buying ice and bottled water, lots of folks were posting about the TNNA show than ended last week.   Vicky DeAngelis and Robin King both worked the Needle Deeva Both and taught at a nearby shop, What's the Point?  Here's Robin, talking about her market fun.

Vicky has even more photos of all the goodies we all want to see.  Note the Kirk and Hamilton polar bear canvas in the second link.  I saw that on display at Woodlawn.  Ruth Dilts did a fabulous job stitching it!  If I remember correctly, she won a second place ribbon, too.

I've already mentioned Ruth Schmuff's latest designs but she just blogged about them, with photos of everything.

Katherine's posted her favorites on her blog.  What are your favorites?

Orna Willis has two new counted pieces, one of which incorporates small polymer clay pieces.

Ada Hayden of Eye Candy allowed one of the cross stitch magazines to chart her Candyland Christmas Tree Farm.  Here's the result.  It'll please anyone who doesn't want to stitch the painted canvas version of this.

Finally, River Silks took photographs of the pieces on display at Leigh Designs' booth.  You'll see three pieces I've stitched, including the center three which use River Silks.  Thanks for the photograph. I had no idea how Leigh set up her booth or that three of my models for the company were on display.  I did the two on each end and the center Barcelona.


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If you are curious about thread manufacturers, you'll want to see these glimpses of the DMC company and its French headquarters, where the most widely available threads in the USA are born.

There's a video of how the threads are made, too.

Mary Corbet has some interesting thoughts on the source of needlework materials and the perceived decline in quality of DMC.

You may be interested in reading a similar article on needles and their origins already posted here on Blog.

UPDATE:  I'm beginning to think Mary is on to something when it comes to needle quality!

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