Saturday, April 22, 2017

Kreinik Has a Substitute For Beading

If you hate beading but still have a canvas where beads will seriously enhance the design, Kreinik will help you get a beaded effect without using beads by substituting Facets.  Facets is a metallic thread that looks like a little string of beads.  You can couch it on your needlepoint canvas to create lettering or a nice margin.  Facets comes in regular, Petite Facets and Wired Facets (useful for cursive letting on canvas).  You can read all about it here and learn how to treat the ends to keep it from unraveling.  (Hint:  Wrap the area where you plan to cut a length off the spool with regular Scotch tape, then cut the thread in the middle of the piece of tape.  You will have two wrapped ends, one on the spool and one to couch with.)

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