Sunday, January 26, 2020

New Approaches in 2020

I've noticed some shops are being particularly inventive in their marketing this winter. Louise's Needlework is now kitting discount canvases so that you can pick up some really cute small designs that come with threads at a very good price.  You can see what's currently available here among the beginner kits and the self-finishing leather goods.

BeStitched has just released an app for your mobile device.  When you download the app you will go straight to their website and see what canvases, trunk shows, series and books are currently available.  Unlike their website you can't visit their blog or see any of their videos.  If you turn on notifications, BeStitched will let you know about specials or new items.  It looks as if you can check on an order you've placed using the app as well.  It is a nice easy way to visit the shop and browse, especially for those who mostly use mobile devices.  Of course using a desktop or laptop and going to their website allows all the features.  You can get the app for either Android or iOS devices by searching the stores for "BeStitched Needlepoint."

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