Thursday, August 5, 2010


Last night we temporarily lost electricity due to a big series of thunderstorms that moved through the area, so once again I didn't work on Cha's tail feathers.  Instead, once the power came back on I started to count the SharonG brocade stitch to see if it worked within the 5x6 inch space I am going to stitch for an iPhone case.  If you click on yesterday's link to the Stitch of the Month project SharonG did and look at brocade variation stitch, you'll see it is a framework of over two stitches that build up a block.  I counted out the blocks and then worked out how many would fit into the space without too much compensation.  I will put a border at the top and bottom of the case to fill out the area, and have started putting the stitch on one side of the iPhone case.

I also counted out the main motif I choose (which luckily has a border included) and have done a little stitching there, just to see how it would look.  Luckily this was a quick stitch as I didn't have a lot of time before bed once the power came back on.  The chart I am using is below.  No laughing!  I am stitching this for someone who really likes scary things and I remember how obsessed with Egyptian history and mummies I was at her age.  This chart is from Goosefairy.  I suspect it is a knitting chart as knitters, much more hip than I ever will be, are into knitting skulls on their scarves/gloves/sweaters/hats.  If you google "skull charts" you will be overwhelmed with various sizes, shapes and patterns of skulls and bones.

Keep your fingers crossed that nothing interferes with my working on Cha tonight!  Else I'll be stitching purple skulls again.

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