Friday, October 3, 2014

Destination Dallas September 2014

This posting has been copied from the Destination Dallas tab, which means all the links are no longer live.  You'll have to copy/past one you want to see to get the news.  Sorry!

Destination Dallas is a non-TNNA trade show is held each year in Dallas, Texas, which this year is moving from April to September. It's a cash-and-carry show that concentrates on needlepoint, which means the designers, thread manufacturers and tool makers bring stock for the needlepoint shops to purchase on the spot and bring home for your immediate stitching pleasure. Get ready for Instant Gratification!

Latest Information is on top. Here are the classes being held for the shop owners.

New Stitch Guides are listed on the CH Stitch Guide Blog.

Juli Poitras has posted a photo of colorful Hooters from her JP Needlepoint owls line finished as a tiny purse on Facebook.

Puffin and Company's newest needle magnet minder is Santa's Sleigh. Perfect for a tiny stocking stuffer for your favorite stitcher (which might be you).

Needlework Unlimited posted photograph of three of Katherine Parfet's Minnesota wildlife designs on their Facebook page.

Joy Juarez has posted a photo of her newest 18 count design on Facebook. The photo is small but this is a ten inch square design. Contact Fleur de Paris, Joy's distributor, for more information.

Adornment Needlepoint in North Carolina has asked Squiggee Designs to create Winston-Salem ornaments that show landmarks or Morovanian things like coffee pots and stars.

Robbyn's Nest has a new line of sports-themed canvases. You can see them on Facebook.

Planet Earth Fiber has three new colors in their line of silk ribbons.

Devon Nicholson of JP Designs has come up with ten clever seven inch designs based on Aesop's Fables. JP Designs published photos on their Facebook page. Use the right side arrow to see them all.

Pocket Full of Stitches has posted photographs of the new metallic embellishments and beads from Sundance Designs.

SJ Designs has a new Christmas ornament booklet called "Christmas Wishes. The counted canvaswork chart has five different small geometrics to decorate your holiday season in whatever colors you prefer. Use the right arrow to see what the diagrams are like.

Kurdy Biggs of Threedles has released the last of her four Oval designs. This one is called Sandstone. You can see the other three Ovals and the rest of Kurdy's 2014 new pieces on her website (second link below).

Ridgewood just posted a photo of all the new colors from Silk Lame Braid (Rainbow Gallery).

Needlework Retailer has posted photographs of two new 8 inch square florals from Viola. If you like colorful floral pieces, this is for you.

Kimberly is working on "Little Dancer" and stitching her brains out. What fun!

Melissa Prince Designs has finsihed stitching the last two birds in her Rare Birds of North America series.

Purple Palm Designs just had a flashback to 1969.

Devon Nicholson has created a new Christmas train set for JP Needlepoint. You can see the gingerbread engineer, the ribbon candy locomotive smoke, and the train's peppermint candy wheels here. I can't find more photos on JP's Facebook page or the JP website, though.

LizArt has finished another in the "Mad Miter" series. It's called Octagon in a Square and she isn't sure it's really successful but I like it a lot.

Alice Ventrease Needlepoint Design posted a photo of one of four custom chair seats done for a customer at Threads and Needles of Ruxton. Very nice crane and a Chinese woven screen pattern background.

Antique Needlework Designs has new Berlin woodwork-style wreath designs posted on their Facebook page.

Here's a beautiful new abstract quilt pattern counted design from Hands On Design for the counted canvaswork person looking for something different.

Chandail has nice custom-made totes and portfolios so you can carry your canvases and other supplies in style.

Elizabeth Bradley is introducing a line of pre-stitched floral pillows at North Carolina's High Point Furniture Market under the Elizabeth Bradley Home name. These sixteen inch square pillows are $580 each, are stitched in India with wool, and each take about 120 hours to stitch plus extra time to make the cording and assemble them.

For comparison purposes, unstitched sixteen inch floral pillow kits are sold by Elizabeth Bradley for roughly $230. If I remember correctly, these kits are on 10 count stamped canvas with all the wool included.

Ruth Schmuff has a new Ryn monster canvas that comes with a stitch guide. This is the third in the series, all featuring similar little patched Halloween dolls.

There's a new Jean Smith floral design full of pansies.

A Collection of Designs (ACOD) has updated their website with new items. I particularly like the snowflake pillow but there are many colorful pieces to charm you here.

Annie Lane has a new chicken canvas called "That Doggone Rooster." It shows a black and white rooster riding a galloping dog.

Here's a hilarious new Zecca canvas called Wading. Thanks for pointing this out, Robin!

Zecca has a nice new Quiet Please sign that's a charmer, too. Not to worry if you can't see these. Zecca's updated their website (second link below) so you can visit there.

Susan Johnson of SJ Designs has posted photographs of her new stitch painted Harlequin Halloween ornaments on Facebook. They will be available as rounds, teardrops or squares.

Purple Palm Designs has just released their Sarasota, Florida landscape. You can see it on Facebook.

Julia's Needleworks has updated their website with new 2014 designs from the large stable of artists Julia represents. Have fun exploring!

Wendy of One Off Needlework has a new series of Flower Tapestries, intended to be quick and easy and useful made up in many ways. If you need something fast and fun, consider her English-style tapestries the next time you go shopping.

Nimble Needle has new Maggie designs in the shop plus one older canvas of a rabbit that's a charmer. There are a variety of styles but they are all animals or nature pieces. I think the Red Landscape is spectacular!

Accoutrement Designs has updated their site to show you their new bead and needle cases. They will have a dedicated page for these metallic compacts that have a sticky side for beads and a magnetic side for needles (second link).

Kelly Clark has new Texas-themed designs for you to admire on the Needle Works' blog.

Kangeroo Paw Designs has now added four Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority ornaments to their line.

Patt of Patt and Lee has updated the website for her Pajamas and Chocolate line of hand painted canvases with all the new goodies for Destination Dallas. The patchwork dog ornaments (plus one owl, cat and bear) are darling, and I love the sheep canvas. The pumpkins canvas is hilarious and the floral is beautiful. I also like the reindeer piece which is small enough to finish before Christmas, and the three witches in their colorful garb.

The Leigh Designs monthly newsletter is full of news about Dallas, including some mouth-watering restaurant reviews.

Nimble Needle shows off the new Rainbow Gallery laying tools that have pretty acrylic handles and wooden tips.

Vicky DeAngelis shows off the new colors of Silken Straw and Pepper Pot silk, plus new Annie Lane canvases and a matching magnet.

The Needle Bug has just posted 105 photos of new items from Dallas on their Facebook page.

Vicky DeAngelis shows off the new Lynda Richardson/Dream House Ventures book, new magnets from Annie Lane, and a new thread from Vineyard Silks and new Rainbow Gallery thread colors. She also talks about the new Needlepoint Events site, which summarizes in a flashy format all the upcoming events.

Needle Bug in Montgomery, Alabama has released their fall newsletter with plenty of market news.

Danji Designs has updated their website with new canvases from Laurel Burch, CH Designs, Tina Ledbetter and Ann Winn. Much fun!

Hug Me Bags posted a photograph of their hotel room display at Destination Dallas. They sell wonderful project bags. Enjoy!

World in Stitches has posted photos of the new silk wrapped purl from Access Commodities (it comes with a matching spool of silk to couch it into position) and the new Furr Fuzz Funn (a wool-silk blend) from Planet Earth Fibers.

Flying Needles also posted photos of Furr Fuzz Funn. You can see how thin the thread is and many of the colors.

Louise's Needlework has updated their Facebook page with photos of nine new canvases from Dallas. I think they are all from Danji although I'm not 100 percent sure.

Pocket Full of Stitches has posted more photos of their new canvases from Dallas on their blog.

DebBee Designs has a new fall leaf color design called "Fallen Leaves" to amuse the counted canvas worker.

The Needle Bug has posted five photographs of the newish Painters Threads rickrack for stitching and finishing. Use the side arrows to navigate.

Needlepoint Land has added 55 photographs of their new items to their website. You can click on the catalogue link and see photos of the newest stuff on display via the shop blog.

A Collection of Designs has updated their website. Here are their newest designs. Thanks for the tip, Colleen!

Needle Works in Austin has updated their blog with links to new designs.

Kreinik has a new width of metallic ribbon out-- 1/4 inch!

The Forest Needle has updated their Facebook page with photos of four new canvases from Dallas.

Ruth Schmuff has new canvases in her Tis the Season line. There are three different shoppers with their dogs in three major cities, plus new and modern fairy tale pieces. I don't know whether I like the Paris, London or NYC shopper best but I really do like Little Red Riding Hood in the woods, with the wolf lurking behind a tree and a tiny owl watching it all.

Barbara's Needlepoint has many new ornaments from Cindy, one of their in-house artists. These are only available from Barbara's. Contact them via their Facebook page. Use the side arrows to see all three photos.

Accoutrement Designs shows off their new Mag Friends magnets and their new line of needle and bead boxes.

The Needle Bug has added seven photographs of new Lani designs and models from Dallas to their FB page.

More goodies are posted on Pocket Full of Stitches' blog.

Needlepoint Land has posted a photo of their Dallas finds on their new display area.

Here's Barbara Russell's new Welsh Terrier. Magnificent!

Stitch Therapy Needlepoint has updated their website with new items. There are a lot of photos from many, many designers. Some are brand new, some just new to the shop.

Village Needlework has posted photos of new Patti Mann animals. Love this owl! Use the right and left arrows to see all four.

The Needle Bug has posted photos of two new magnets from Market from a company I've not heard of before-Magnifique. There is a wonderful rabbit head and an elegant crown.

A. Bradley has posted two photos of new abstract colorful glasses cases on Facebook. Use the side arrows to see the second canvas.

Hanging By a Thread has posted photos of the new canvases they brought home from Dallas on their Facebook page. There is a lot of variety but no identification of the designers.

Pocket Full of Stitches has updated their blog with lots and lots of photos of their new stock from Dallas. There are pieces from A Collection of Designs (love the poinsettia!), Alice Peterson (love the blue fox stitch and zip--perfect for a teenager), Associated Talents and Ann Wheat Pace, Beth Gantz, Brenda Stofft (whose rabbits carrying a tray of eggs spelling out EASTER overhead is going to be a big hit), Danji and Laurel Burch (nice Easter and Christmas items plus fun plump birds in witch hats), Dream House Ventures (amazing Santa and darling "spell binding" witch dress), Ewe and Eye, J. Childs, Julie Mar and Lani and Leigh Designs, The Point of It All candy designs and more, Raymond Crawford, Robbyn's Nest and SM Stitches' geometrics.

Chandail has updated their website with photos of the newest items they bought for the shop in Dallas. There are lots of new Maggie/Ewe and Eye designs with frames, small crown ornaments, a tool case with a stitched top, and lots of fun Christmas items.

Alice Vantrease Needlepoint Design has a new cute Camouflage Santa for the hunter in your life.

Maggie has posted another new Lisa Krause frame on her Facebook page.

Pocket Full of Stitches has added lots of new things to their blog. There are many Annie Lane animals, a couple of Birds in a Feather designs, lots of older Kirk and Bradley, the new Leigh Imari designs, dog portraits from Labors of Love, small Mindys, Ruth Schmuff funny pieces, Eye Candy foxes, many (new?) Rebecca wild animal rounds and stockings, and Zecca colorful abstracts, a new fox and long rectangle pieces with various themes.

Stitches in Time has updated their Facebook "Dallas Market 2014" photo album with lots of goodies. Not everything is brand new from Dallas but there is a lot of eye candy to browse.

Needlepoint Land has started posting photographs of the new goodies purchased for their customers in Dallas. Sadly, the designers aren't identified so I can't give you a quick preview of who and I'm too busy to do what.

The new 3-D stuffed animal from Sew Much Fun is a dog. There are two photos. Use the side arrows to navigate.

Threadaholic Alert! Robin King shows us all the new colors from Rainbow Gallery. I want them all, naturally.

Erin of Needlepoint Land took a lot of photos of models in the various booths. If you are into creative finishing, you'll want to see her blog article.

Here is Alice Peterson's brocade pears.

Here is Alice Peterson's baby sampler or perhaps a family name piece.

Louise's Needlework has set up a photo album on their Facebook page full of photographs of new items they saw in Dallas. There are too many to mention. Click on the top left photo and use the side arrows to navigate.

Here's Lani's new Pansy Flower Girl.

Sally Corey Designs has new colorful monograms, perfect to use up excess threads leftover from othe projects.

Nimble Needle Atlanta shows off all of the new Patt and Lee/Pajamas and Chocolate patchwork dog ornaments.

Christine's shows off two views of a new knitting bunny canvas by Susan Hayes. Use the side arrows to navigate.

DebBee's Designs showcases the new "Ho Ho Ho" chart, a small size perfect for a box top or other finishing options.

A new beach town design called "Cut Bait" from Purple Palm Designs.

New Melissa Shirley table vase with flowers.

Hilarious Elizabeth Turner Collection woman in a turban.

Moore than Needlepoint shows off a fantastic twin cockatoo canvas from Needle Crossings.

Pocket Full of Stitches has posted more photos of canvases they bought for their shop. By clicking on this link you'll see designs from Amanda Lawford, Alice Peterson, Bees Knees, Colors of Praise, Dreamhouse Ventures, Mary Kay Crowley/DJ Designs, Kirk and Bradley, Kelly Clark, Labors of Love, Robbyn's Nest, Ruth Schmuff, Sundance Designs, The Collection and Zecca.

Bloomin' Stitches has posted photos of new Brenda Stofft pieces on their website. I don't think everything is brand new but it is all wonderful.!brenda-stofft/c1ndh

The Stitching Studio has added seven canvas photos to their Facebook page--monkey ornament, porch scene, festive owl, Christmas tree, Boo ghost, chicken, sweet birds baby announcement, and boots under a lace dress ornament.

Purple Palm Deesigns' door to their hotel suite is hilarious! The Destination Dallas show theme is Alice in Wonderland.

Needle in a Haystack has posted photographs of the new things they bought in Dallas. There are East Sleep Stitch pencils, a lovely flying snowy owl ornament, Birds in a Tree, new colors of Fyrewerks and Treasure Braid, new Carol Eix Halloween themed magnets, a new quill laying tool, a snap tray, a canvas of fancy hot air balloons in the sky, a squirrel ornament, a Raymond Crawford train station canvas, cute North Pole critters and snowman mini sock, Pepper Pot silk, gingerbread cookie people, a lovely squash canvas, and two Danji peppermint sticks.

Kirk and Bradley has new jungle canvases.

Libby Sturdy has a new Santa called "Uh Oh. " He's stuck in the chimney!

Raymond Crawford has a series of small nine inch square owls called "Hall of Fame"owls. I particularly like the winter owl.

Raymond also has posted a photo of "Wet Cat." has posted photos of fun finishing they found in Dallas. The Halloween hearts in the cat container is Needle Deeva, I don't know about the ornaments, but I think the kid in the Halloween stand ups are from Labors of Love. the bird may be from L of L also.

The French Knot is updating their Facebook page with new photographs. I recognize the new Melissa Shirley/Vicki Sawyer pieces but not the florals, birdhouse or sign. is showing photos of three self-finishing votives. Designer unknown but they come in Christmas, Halloween and birthday candle themes.

Three new designs from a new designer--JT Morrow! The two geishas are lovely and animal lovers will adore the rabbit trio.

Natasha's Needlepoint has added many more photos of painted canvases found at the Dallas show to their Facebook page. There are shells and sea turtles, birds and fish, koi, a sweet bunny and a psychedelic alligator.

Four new A. Bradley pieces--two sugar skulls and two dog portraits. Use the side arrows to see them all.

Here's a new Squiggee roll up--a Ladybug! If you use the right and left side arrows you'll see other Squiggee roll ups and how they look finished.

Natasha's Needlepoint has posted a photo of the amazing Zecca pink flamingo, three new Zecca game boards, a pink shrimp Mag Friends magnet, Melissa Shirley seaweed and shell pieces, an three 10 count pieces (frog, pink dogwood blossoms, red amaryllis flowers) and several Jean Smith florals.

Amy's Golden Strand is updating their Facebook page with many new items. I see a bit about Lynda Richardson's new book, rooster designs from Birds of a Feather (not out until January), dede Odgen's Halloween Owl and Bear Sleeping in the Snow Flurries, Birds of a Feather's woodpeckers in trees, and two Birds of a Feather small floral and bow designs in two color ways.

Associated Talents has a new series of Christmas mittens.

Puffin magnets, magnetic needle threader and counting pins. Use the side arrows to navigate.

Photos of Maggie and Ewe and Eye canvases. Use the side arrows to navigate.

This is called the Events Frame from Deux Bijoux Bijoux.

Poor Lori from Waste Knot claims she didn't find a thing. Not.

Amy's in love with this queenly owl from JP Needlepoint.

Pocket Full of Stitches posts more photos of new designs from Dallas from Annie Lane, Ann Pace Wheat, Birds of a Feather, Brenda Stofft, Cooper Oaks, Ewe and Eye, Julie Mar, Lani, Mindy, Machelle Sommerville, Needle Deeva, Pajamas and Chocolate, Funda Scully, Raymond Crawford, Renaissance Designs, Rebecca Wood, Sandra Gilmore and SM Stitches.

Vicky DeAngelis shows off the wonderful HP Designs/Amanda Lawford canvas she taught at the show.

Pajamas and Chocolate has five new Christmas patchwork ornaments, showcased here.

Danji Designs has posted a view into their hotel suite with lots of models in the window.

French Knot is posting photos of new canvases without identifying the designers. Here is a link to their photo album on their FB page.

There are ACOD birds, a Christmas oil well and a Christmas cow.

There are also photos of new Painted Pony angels...

...and what I think are new Rebecca Wood designs including a moose, a Halloween locomotive with a witch at the wheel and two Christmas ornaments with Santa and an angel with doves.

There are also college logo sweaters on teddy bear ornaments, a Texas arrow and two Christmasy Santas with animals.

Raymond Crawford is robot-crazy. Besides the His and Hers robots, he has Robot Christmas Ornament,

...and a Snowman Robot.

Maggie has a new Kathleen Taylor design with matching frame.

A new Machelle Sommerville leaves and acorns canvas

A Machelle Sommerville red spring leaves canvas

Purple Palm Designs has posted a photo of a wall of their landscapes in their Destination Dallas hotel room.

New Kathy Schenkel designs mixed in with older designs.

Needle in a Haystack has posted photos of new colors in a thread new to me--Jumbuck, which is an overdyed wool-silk thread from Dinky Dyes.

Needle in a Haystack also posted new colors in Gloriana silks.

French Knot has posted three photos of new Ann Wheat Pace crosses. Use the side arrows to navigate.

Kangeroo Paws Designs has posted a photo of their hotel room window, full of canvases!

Leigh Designs shows off their newest series, the "Lil Goblins." There is a stitch guide by me for Katie Boo, wearing her princess outfit including paper crown and cloak made from a blanket.

Pocket Full of Stitches has posted photographs of new designs from A. Bradley, Needle Deeva, and Hilary Jean Designs.

Emily Hennessy has posted photos of her new quill laying tools. Use the arrows to navigate.

Raymond Crawford has new His and Hers Robots. LOL Use the side arrows to see the girl robot.

Raymond Crawford has posted a photograph of his new patchwork modern cat.

Raymond Crawford has also posted a photo from his Halloween train set. This seems to be the train station.

This is Raymond Crawford's Candyland Train set station.

Sundance has posted photos from their Destination Dallas class on Facebook. Use the arrows to navigate.

Little Bird Designs just announced new Silhouettes and new Sayings designs.

Amy Bunger probably won't update her website until she returns from Dallas, but I have not seen many of the new magnets shown here---the flying monkey, cat in a pumpkin, nesting doll, pearls on the half shell, man in the moon face, several maple leaf magnets or the drummer boy.

Melissa Shirley has updated her website with the new canvases, many from Vicki Sawyer, but I think the Autumn Critters series might be from Debbie Mumm.

Kirk and Bradlay has new cupcake baby announcements. There are multiple photos. Use the arrows to navigate.

Ruth Schmuff has updated Kimberly Smith's canvases on the Tis the Season website. That's the distributor.

Robbyn's Nest Designs has posted photos of their display at Destination Dallas on Facebook. Use the side arrows to navigate.

New Needlepoint has posted a photo of a new Laurel Burch/Danji piece called "Merci Butterflies."

Enriched Stitch posts about the first day at Destination Dallas.

Annie Lane has posted another new canvas on Facebook, this time a sheep shopping for shoes called "Sheep Shoes."

DebBee's Designs has posted more about the new design "Radiance" and how it evolved.

Little Bird Designs has added new ornaments to their line. . These aren't in traditional Christmas colors or themes but are in the bold, modern colors I associate with Michelle Wyse's designs.

Planet Earth Fiber is bringing all their new ribbons to the show. The colors available are here.

Enriched Stitch is packing for Dallas. Suzy's going to be teaching a Needle Deeva piece as well as shopping for new goodies at the various designer showrooms. She promises lots of posting of the new things on her blog and on Facebook, too.

Nancy's Needle has a new garden-inspired design. It is called "Bluebirds in the Backyard."

Karen Hennessey has posted a photo of the Zecca class she's teaching at Destination Dallas. It is called "Seven Flowers" and it is charming!

Enriched Stitch gives us a peek at new magnets from Accoutrement Designs plus little compact-style needle and bead cases, also from Accoutrement Designs.

Needlepoint Designs By Laura Wheeler, well known for their spiritual needlepoint canvases, has updated their website with new designs. Don't miss the spectacular oriental rug designs!

Ruth Schmuff has announced that Ann Strite-Kurz has two new designs and two new former class pieces available via Ruth's Needle Artworks site. If you love intricate counted canvaswork, this is news for celebration! The first two links are Southwestern in flavor. The second are a fun Halloween candy corn and a gorgeous slipper for the shoe obsessed.

Patt and Lee posted a photo of a small Santa holding a package ornament that will debut in Dallas. This is part of their hand painted Pajamas and Chocolate line.

Another charming street scene from Purple Palm Designs.

Danji has posted two models of new designs on Facebook. There is a small carrot shape with a beaded bunny and an egg decorated with a rabbit. Use the side arrows to navigate.

Here's a new iPad case-sized design from Dream House ventures called "Circuit Board." There is a matching iPhone case available as well.

Two new Mindy canvases from ANG Seminar's Expo night. I checked and there are many more new canvases on the Mindy Needlepoint Factory website (second link below).

I think this patchwork cocker spaniel is a new Patt and Lee design. Whether it is or not, this finished piece is wonderful!

Kirk and Bradley have a new English Country Estate sampler on 13 count that will be ready to pre-order at Destination Dallas next week.

SJ Designs' newest charts are based on Victorian Berlin woodwork patterns. Available 9/2/14.

Cathy has posted the newest Stitch and Zip design from Alice Peterson--a blue fox on a plaid and Bargello background!

Ehrman has released a new design from Raymond Honeyman--"Pink Tulips." This is the latest in his floral series, which includes Marigolds, Poppies, Roses and more (second link).

A Collection of Designs has both a new website and new canvases displayed on the site. Congratulations!

Melissa Shirley Designs has posted a photo of another new Vicki Sawyer canvas to debut in Dallas--"Angel Clarence" which is a fox with a halo. Charming (unless of course the foxes are raiding your pear trees. There are no fox angels in CH!)

Fleur de Paris has posted a photo of one of the pieces from dede Odgen's new Flower Girl Collection on Facebook. UPDATE: A second photo has appeared.

Maggie has posted a photo of a new Kathleen Taylor canvas "I See the Moon" on Facebook. This debuts at the Dallas show.

Robbyn's Nest is adding photographs of new canvases with matching frames to their Facebook page.

Pajamas and Chocolate will introduce new colorful patchwork animal ornaments in Dallas. Here is the owl.

Planet Earth Fiber has new project bags and tote bags, new Pepper Pot silk colors, and is bringing their new 4mm and 10mm silk ribbons to Dallas, too!

Edie and Ginger (distributed by CBK) have two new small mermaid ornaments. Speaking of CBK, they have started updating their website with new Scott Church pieces, too. Any new design (second link) has a yellow dot by the item number.

Nashville Needleworks is posting photos of the new porcupine quill laying tools from Emily Hennessey on their FB page. These are polished and light as a feather except for the decorative beads on the ends.

There are new colors of Silken Straw.

Robbyn's Nest has a new Halloween-themed canvas and matching frame.

Purple Palm Designs has posted four photos of a new ornament design for Dallas on their FB page. Use the right arrow to see the unique finishing.

Purple Palm has also added photos of Letter to Santa, which is charming!

Another look at the brand new Vicki Sawyer/Melissa Shirley design "Garden Party." I believe Julia Snyder is stitching this and will hold classes on it shortly but I don't know if she will be teaching this at The Needle Bug.

Handblessings has released a new design that mixes Scotch and Mosaic stitches with blackwork. It's not on Eileen's website yet (second link) but I think the bargello cardinal design there is also new.

New book alert! Lynda Richardson of Dreamhouse Ventures will have a new book out at Dallas. It's called Stitches a' la Carte. The book will mix background stitch diagrams with tidbits and stories from her life. I've been waiting to a book that has the personal charm of Sylvia Sidney's and Mary Martin's needlepoint books from the 1970s. Hopefully this is it!

Juli Poitras (JP Needlepoint) has posted two photos of her brand new black and white Krazy Kitty from her new Krazy Kitty series.

Barbara Elmore has posted some of the ribbon samples she is creating for the Dallas show. If you are a shop, check it out at the Sundance booth.

Here is dede Odgen's newest footstool design, Snowy Red Fox, posted on Facebook by her distributor.

Pocket Full of Stitches has posted photographs of new scissors fobs with attached needle threaders from Merry L. Needlework Accessories. You can see more on their website (second link).

Melissa Prince is taking this variation on her "Holiday Pinecones" design to Market because the stitcher did such a wonderful job.

Barbara Elmore and Sundance plan to introduce her new "BE-Painted Stitchy Ribbons" hand painted ribbons at the Dallas show.

Jean Smith has released another fabulous flower piece, available in two sizes.

A Stitch in Time and Kelly Clark are collaborating on a new Kelly Clark series called The Winter Village. The set includes eight large buildings and six "small village accent canvases" with stitch guides by Alison Hodgekiss. This will be offered in two clubs, so I will post this in the Monthly Clubs tab as well.

Raymond Crawford and Vicky DeAngelis are teaming up at ANG's Seminar in Chicago for a limited edition canvas of a Chicago style hot dog! Gourmets only!

Melissa Prince Designs has added to their bird ornament series with eight Rare Birds of North America. The third link has four of the eight stitched. Use the arrows on the side to navigate.

Creative Needle has updated their website with their newest designs. I particularly like the Shanghai Silk series that resembles fabrics but you may like the Turkish or Swedish-inspired designs, the crosses or Christmas pieces, or the happy animal portrait series.

Julie Mar and Friends has a new rose series from Kamala. Here is "Peace Rose," available in two sizes. The Yellow Rose of Texas will be exclusive to the Dallas market only.

Eye Candy has a new series of Christmas elves called the Kringle Belles. There are six dome-shaped elves in two sizes and three oval ornaments in this fun Christmas series.

Treenway Silks of Colorado has added new colors to their Harmony line of silk flosses.

Debbie Rowley has posted a photo of one of her new designs on Facebook. It's called "Radiance" and will be released at the St. Charles show.

Lani has posted a photo of one of her new canvases (a woman in an elaborate wool cap holding a sprig of lavender with a bird on her shoulder) on Facebook.

Halloween Alert! Puffin and Company has a new magnetic needle threader in the shape of a witch's hat.

Barbara's Needlepoint has a new Santa face ornament from Ann!

Counted thread fans rejoice! Threedles has a new design out called Crescents. It doesn't seem to be on the website yet but Needlework Retailer has a small photograph.

Vineyard has a new thread, Strandable Marino Wool. Here is what Nimble Needle says about this new thread for our needles.

Ruth Schmuff has announced her newest series rom Ryn, Monsters. The first is a beach monster. The second is a hippie monster (second link).

Orna Willis has added new silk ribbon tassel making kits to her Etsy store. She's going to be adding embellishment packs at a great price after she returns from the ANG Seminar in early September, too. (Second link below)

Accoutremont Designs is showing off some of their new magnets for the Dallas and St. Charles shows.

Orna Willis has announced she is going to start carrying the painted ribbons from Planet Earth in her thread packets available in her Etsy shop.

Labors of Love has added the Black Lab (he's so black he's purple) to their dog series. The Yellow Lab is on its way, too.

Orna Willis has put together a series of embellishment bead kits for her needlepoint cuffs that are now available in her Etsy store.

Ridgewood just posted photos of the canvases they just got from Barbara's Needlepoint in South Dakota. Barbara's has some wonderful artists. Their rabbits (I think from Ann Hanson) are just wonderful!

Melissa Shirley has posted a photo of the Prickly Pear Burrowing Owl piece by Vicki Sawyer that Melissa will start distributing in September on Facebook.

I think Needle Deeva has new small Santas. Ultra cute!

Here is dede Odgen's newest canvas called "Snowy Bear Nap" courtesy of her distributor, Fleur de Paris.

Kimberly's newest design is called "Emma's Pillow" in honor of her new granddaughter. It's a charmer with a little bird, ladybugs and flowers. It is also available in a small ornament size or the ladybug border can be purchased as a belt canvas.

A new Jean Hilton design will be available in August. You can preorder from Stitches in the Heart, which will sell the design exclusively for the next year.

Kate Dickerson/KSH Designs has posted photos of her new Patriotic Disk Letters on Facebook. Small and charming!

Karen of Zecca has posted another new design on Facebook, this time a charming koi pond with water lilies.

Little Bird Designs has updated their website with five new small designs with Halloween and Thanksgiving themes.

Fleur de Paris just posted a photo of the newest Joy Juarez design, "Kristian." a little boy in a straw hat.

Needle Delights Originals shows off photographs of three of Kathy Rees' six new counted designs. She also has posted photos of some alternative color ways of other of her charts. Much counted canvaswork fun!

Fleur de Paris just posted a photograph of Oliver the Halloween Owl, the latest from Sandra Gilmore.

Karen Hennessy has posted the newest Zecca design on Facebook, an abstract paisley pattern with floral elements.

Maggie has posted a new Marie Sansone bird design on Facebook.

Kelmscott has two new needle minders--a folk art style Uncle Sam and a Wedgewood teapot.

Melissa Shirley has announced a new artist whose work Melissa is adapting to needlepoint--Vicki Sawyer. The designs will premiere in Dallas. "If birds can build nests, they can make hats."

Devon Nichelson has announced new, officially licensed, Smokey the Bear canvases. You can see them on Facebook. Perfect for the nature lover!

Needlework Retailer has posted a new Melissa Prince design on Facebook--"Sunflowers in a Glass Vase." Very pretty!

Raymond Crawford has posted photos of new designs in his Route 66 Destination series on Facebook--Los Angeles, Flagstaff, Gallup, Amarillo, Oklahoma City, St. Louis and Chicago.

Kimberly has released her new dragonfly piece, "Flying Jewels." It's lovely!

Hands On Design has released two new counted canvas pieces, one a geometric and one a Bargello.

CBK Designs has announced new canvases from Laura Megroz. There are lots of wintery Christmas scenes but I particularly like the two black labs helping with the Christmas tree.

Melissa Shirley has posted her latest design, "Winter White Basket" on Facebook. It is on 13 count and is around 17x10 inches.

Ruth Schmuff has announced her next mystery class, Sandra Vargas' "Playful Squirrel." This fall-themed canvas will start in July 2014.

Enriched Stitch is going to be teaching one of the new Needle Deeva basket series in Dallas. Here's a sneak peek.

Kangaroo Paw Designs is promising new fraternity-themed flask canvases for the fall.

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Messy Beading and Fiesta Beading

Meredith Willet, one of the most inventive needlepoint/bead mavens on the planet has done it again.  She's come up with an easy beading style that she apparently calls Fiesta Beading.  Pour a variety of beads into a containerm grab one at random and attach it with the tent or reverse tent or straight stitches that attach beads oriented any way you like.

Messy Geading is another invention of Meredith's (at least she named it).    UPDATE:  A kind reader reminded me that messy beading is Julia Snyder's invention.  My apologies!

To do messy beading, you come up with your needle where you want beads, add some beads to your needle, and go down again a bit away from the hole you came up in. Repeat until you fill the area to be beaded.  The loops you create go every which way and look very pretty.

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Kreinik Reviews the Beam N Read

The nice folks at Kreinik ran into the Beam N Read system at a trade show and were kind enough to review it for those of us who could use extra light or perhaps magnification when we stitch at night.

If you want to know more, here is the ASF Lightwear Solutions website.

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