Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Luna Reappears

Ladies of the Night:  Luna

Remember Luna?  She is a Leigh Designs piece from the Ladies of the Night series.  Luna has seven sisters, each "more beautiful than the next" as the fairy tale says.  You can see the entire family of canvases here.

Remilla has been stitched by Beth of ThreadworX and a stitch guide/thread kit is available from ThreadworX if you want to stitch her the way Beth did.

When I put Luna away due to a family emergency, I had just finished beading the bottom of her long gown.  To refresh your memory, the tree, moon and clouds, tombstones and the ground and grass at Luna's feet have all been stitched.  Luna's face and arms have been stitched down to her fingers as well.  That means I still have to tackle Luna's cloak, sleeves, her hair, her fingers, jewelry, and the two ravens.  In other words, she is about half done.

If you want to refresh your memories of Luna to date, just use the search box at the top left of this page.  Enter Luna and all the previous blog articles should come up.

While I re-read my progress on Luna, fans of the 17th Century Reproduction Embroidered Jacket featured on the Thistle Threads blog that is currently on display at Winterthur will be pleased to hear the museum has posted a description of the jacket's manufacture on their website.  It's a PDF file and you can read it by clicking here--it's an amazing piece of work when you read through all the steps that had to happen to bring the jacket to life.

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