Saturday, November 6, 2010

More Bullions Resources

In yesterday's comments Rachel mentioned the bullion stitch tutorial on White Threads which is Yvette Stanton's blog.  Yvette is an Australian needlework author and publisher.  I've heard of her Left Handed Embroider's Companion (which comes in a Right Handed version) but didn't know she had a website and I haven't seen her books.  So I went looking for her site and found the following three part tutorial on making bullion knots.  (Note that we can't use hoops with needlepoint canvas but I expect a frame will do.)

Yvette also mentioned Mary Corbet's brief article on choosing the right needles for making bullion and French knots.  Note that some folks don't think the needle matters.  I myself do just as good bullions with smaller tapestry needles as with thin milliner's needles.   I don't see a difference in my bullions when all I change is the needle.  But if it helps you, use a thin eyed needle.

Oh, yes, I did add more beads to Luna's dress last night.

Thanks for the additional resources, Rachel.  We appreciate it!

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