Wednesday, December 10, 2014

How To Finish Your Bunny

Thanks to Nancy B. posting about this on Facebook, I have a link to a blog with great finishing instructions for a shaped bunny ornament.   The design is from Associated Talents and is retired, although folks on Facebook are begging to have it reissued.

Finishing ornaments is easy but you do need to be patient.  That's my downfall-rushing!

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Hanging the Stocking on the Tree--Next to a Magnifier

Natalia of Natalia's Fine Needlework showed off a pair of her Christmas stockings on her blog this morning...,

...which reminded me that Melissa Boling of Miniature Home posed a great little lion and lamb stocking at the Needlepoint Nation group on Facebook.

These are all original designs, by the way, and done on silk gauze.  I don't know what count Natalia used but Melissa's little angel and animals stocking is on 48 count.

Melissa's website has this design and other wonderful tiny stocking charts for sale.  I particularly like her Scotties in the snow.  Click on the little miniature photo to see these stitched.

Natalia's stockings are available as kits or can be custom stitched for you.  I particularly like her snowflakes on red stocking but there are a lot of lovely designs available.

Janet Granger sells Christmas stocking kits that include 40 count silk gauze as well.  On this count, one ply of almost any brand of cotton or silk floss works well.   These pieces are done in tent stitches and are a lot quicker to stitch than a regular 18 or 13-14 count stocking.  Her Ho Ho Ho Santa stocking is great but I also love her Wise Men stocking as I adore Nativity sets.

Have a teeny tiny Happy Christmas!

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