Monday, November 1, 2010

More Beads While We Wait UPDATED

I'm eager for the November newsletters to appear at The Needle Works and Stitch Niche.  I always enjoy seeing them and Colleen says she will post NWKS' today.  But we are in different time zones, so I wait....

UPDATE:  NWKS' newsletter is up.  Don't miss the explanation of Fish Eye Turkeywork (so easy!) and the new book that helps you find the right stitch for an odd shape.

Fortunately I have beading and basketweave to do!  I'm trying to decide whether to introduce a few crystal beads to the gunmetal gray ones in a few places that need highlights at the bottom of Luna's hem.  Any opinions?

I am going to continue a black section of the gown while I ponder this and revisit "The Blind Banker" in PBS' Sherlock series.  I have to say I have a lot of sympathy with Dr. Watson whose first date with a lady he meets at his temp job goes very very wrong!

By the way, fellow bloggers who use will be interested in the article below about photo storage limits.  I've started to clear out duplicate photos and photos from the Canvas of the Day that are stored in my Blogger album since it was nearly half full.  Eventually I won't be able to upload photos if I don't delete some, so don't be surprised if some photos disappear from articles.  I'm deleting ones I think unimportant to the narrative to make room for more.

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