Friday, April 23, 2010

Stars: Vivian Begins to Grow

As you can see, Vivian Leigh is expanding to fill the quilt block.  I finally got all the black crescents on top of the last step, then added small triangles to flank the kite-shaped areas. This part is done with A7 (which for me is DMC cotton floss in 340).  It looks woven to me and is starting to make the rather boring center a lot more interesting.

I've posted the photo turned on its side to show that the overall Stars for the New Millennium design looks good from any angle.  There are three more areas to finish before the block is done.  The next one is a very complex trellis pattern with four steps of its own, followed by parallelograms and triangles that interlock to make a fancy border. I won't get it all done tonight. I'll be lucky if I manage to get all of the trellis steps done!

I hope it continues to add to Vivian Leigh.  I like how she is starting to look.  Once I finish her, I'll decide whether to add beads to the previous block and do the sashing below the block before I return to my painted canvas project.

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