Saturday, May 15, 2010

May 2010 Chilly Hollow Newsletter

This month I have a great number of fabulous Internet resources to help with all types of stitching.  First of all, have you heard of DMC's new memory thread?  It is a thin copper wire wrapped with thread that comes in many colors.  Want some tips how to use it?  Judy has a good tutorial showing how she used memory thread to make coral on an original underwater design.

Ever wanted to try goldwork?  Tanja Berlin has a marvelous tuturoal on her website.  She also sells the supplies you need and has good photos of all the different types of metal threads used in goldwork.

Need good diagrams to help attach beads to needlepoint canvas?  These two sites have great information about various ways one can attach beads.

Speaking of beading, there is a wonderful video about tambour beading on YouTube.

Want to see something inspirational?  How about this embroidery taken from old fashion plates.

Need help choosing colors? This design site is set up to help folks choose color combinations.

I hope you find all these resources helpful with your stitching and fun besides!

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