Saturday, June 8, 2019

Tulip Needles UPDATED

Mary Corbet has been using Tulip's Hiroshima needles from Japan and finally wrote up a review of them.  Mary's review is mixed and perhaps not totally pertinent to us as she is stitching on fabrics, not needlepoint canvas.  If you have hand pain, though, it might be worth trying, particularly if you can get friends to go in on a purchase of a box you can share to test.

If you want some to try, Nimble Needle in Atlanta carries them.

So does Bedecked and Beadazzled in Maryland although they are not on the shop website.

UPDATE: has added a review of Tulip needles to their website.

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It's Shark Week!!!!! Republished for 2019

My Pink Sugar Life Does Shark Week

It's Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, so stay out of the water and stitch this cutie from My Pink Sugar Life.

UPDATE:  Suzie celebrates Big Time.

UPDATE #2:  Here's a new shark from Barefoot Needlepoint, for those who need A Collection.  LOL

UPDATE #3:  Pippin has Chomp.

For more shark week canvases, visit this article from Blog's past.

UPDATE #4:  For Shark Week 2018, Rogue Needlepoint has a new design.

UPDATE #5:  More sharks from My Pink Sugar Life.

UPDATE #6:  New from Barefoot Designs.  Funny!

UPDATE #7:  New pieces from Rogue Needlepoint for 2019.

UPDATE #8:  For 2020 Shark Week.

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Woodstock for Christmas Guitar Finished

With the head and neck of the guitar finished, it was time to tackle the tuning pegs, those silver metal things that enable the guitar player to adjust the tension on the strings.

Testing Findings and Sequins

I thought it might look good if I added sequins from The Collection (bottom row) or metal bits from Sundance (top row).  I was wrong.  The metal findings are too prominent, too large and too busy.  The sequins are too plain.  Sigh.

So I put both back in their packages and tried doing a square Rhodes stitch with silver Kreinik.  It just looked odd.   Then I did a cashmere stitch with the Kreinik.  Didn't look any better.  Sigh.

So I did what I always do when nothing works—I stitched the tuning pegs in basketweave with my Kreinik.

Tuning Pegs in Basketweave

That was a tad too plain so I added a few beads on top of the middle of each peg.

The Final Touch to the Tuning Pegs

You probably have noticed that the bird has a beak and a leg and claws now, too.  And I've laid a length of silver Kreinik over the guitar's neck.   The Christmas ornament is the last thing to be finished.  Next time….

Peace and love.  Out!

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