Sunday, August 1, 2010

Rows Upon Rows (with Tips)

I worked on more of Cha's background last night.  I have 13 rows to do, but each row (this is an 18 count canvas, remember?) is 12 inches long.  My calculator tells me I have 18x12x13 or 2808 tent stitches left.  Eeeeekkkk!

When I can't stand it any more, I'll take a break and stitch a couple of tail feathers.  In the meanwhile, here are some online tips I've stumbled across.  First of all, since I am working a lot with silk ribbons, here is what River Silks says about starting and ending silk ribbons.

DMC posted about how to cut a skein of perle cotton for easy use at the top of this article.  It'll probably work for many types of thread skeins, unless you are like me and you hate using pre-cut threads.

e-Rose has found a great silk threads comparison table.  There's a link to it on her blog.  Many of the brands and some of the shops are English so if you want to mail order something exotic to substitute for a silk you are bored with, this is the place to find help.

Hope all this good information comes in handy while I count down toward the end of stitching Cha-Cha.

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