Wednesday, January 27, 2016

X-Stitch App for Inventory Control

Linda K. Reinmuller just posted this to the ANG email list in response to a question about thread inventory apps.  I am reprinting it here with Linda's permission.  For those of you who don't know Linda, she's a wonderful counted canvaswork designer with a special interest in computer design and charting programs.  Her blog (link on her website) has a lovely list of available stitch charting programs at the bottom of the page, by the way.

Thanks, Linda!


I just got X-Stitch App by PerformTech Ltd. It is $2.99.  

[Jane:  Here's the links to the app on the iTunes store and the Google Play store.]

It has a lot of thread manufacturers listed, and from what I can tell also lists all the threads in that manufacturers colors, although I haven't checked every single one. The promo info claims it has 6000 thread selections that can be added.

It can also be used to add charts and linens to inventory. From looking at it, this can be adapted to canvas.

I have no affiliation with this other than being a techno-geek who tries to keep up with all the fabulous ways I can use technology to enhance my stitching.

Spreadsheets are straight forward, but it is always fun to have a new app to play with, and this one does appear to be very user friendly.

Linda Reinmiller 

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