Thursday, September 15, 2022

BREAKING NEWS: Chaparral is Moving from Houston to Dallas

Chaparral is moving from Houston, Texas to Dallas, Texas.

Here is the message sent to customers:

We have BIG news!
Exciting things are happening at Chaparral Needleworks, and we want to share some important news with you. Loyalty from customers like you has fueled our continued success, and we are proud to announce we are moving to Dallas, Texas.
Our new location in Dallas will open after the Needlepoint Reunion in October. Stay tuned for the opening date and new address.
All finishing and special orders for our Houston-based customers, which are received by September 19th, will be shipped complimentary.
Thank you for supporting Chaparral Needleworks in Houston. See you soon, Dallas!
Chaparral Needlework
3701 W Alabama St
Suite 300
Houston TX 77027
United States
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One Motif Becomes Christmas Ornament UPDATED

Melita's ANG chapter is doing a project which involves taking motifs from one of Textured Treasures' designs and making it into a Christmas ornament.

It's a great idea for those of us with a geometric chart hidden away we'll never stitch.  Pick one area and turn that into a Christmas design!

If you don't have any counted needlepoint charts you can always buy something from Textured Treasures....

UPDATE:  Melita had so much fun she used two more motifs as ornaments.

Here is the framed finished piece.

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