Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Thread Palette Generator

I've mentioned Stitch Palettes before.  This is Krisztina's website where she comes up with color palettes based on photographs and emails them to you each Monday if you sign up for her email list.  Krisztina also sells a DMC print it yourself inventory sheet that helps you track what colors you own and what you need to buy.  You can also buy collections of color combos based on photographs from her.

Krisztina has a new online tool that is both fabulous and free that you need to know about.  She calls it her Embroidery Thread Palette Generator.  You go to her website and choose the Palette Generator, then type in a DMC color you want to find similar threads to.  I used DMC cotton floss 333 as an example.  I typed 333 in the box, then pushed the button.

I got four results:  the HTML hex code (useful for when I need to change the background color of Blog), my original 333 which is described as very dark blue violet, and DMC tapestry wool 7318 and Anchor cotton floss 00110.  The tapestry wool and Anchor were in coordinating colors to my original DMC 333.  I also got a list of DMC thread colors similar to 333 (useful if you are frantically hunting in your stash for something similar) plus TEN coordinating color schemes.

If you are constantly looking for color combinations in your stitching, you need to bookmark this ASAP.  It's going to make choosing colors so much easier!  Kudos to Krisztina for coming up with this tool, which is unique and useful to boot.

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