Saturday, July 31, 2010

Still More Background Stitching

There seem to be miles of background stitching left on Cha, even though most of last week was devoted to it, but the end is in sight.  I think I have about a week's worth of stitching left!  Above is a photograph of the overall canvas as of yesterday morning. I've done more tent stitching since then but it doesn't really look like it.  That's the mystery of backgrounds--they seem endless!

Yesterday, Kathleen K. asked in the comments why I was not doing basketweave in the background.  Take a gander at the background in the above photo.  See the streaks of darker color here and there that gives this canvas the look of faded fabric?  My background thread is an overdye that shades from pale pink to pale rose and back again.  If I was basketweaving the background, I'd not only be using even more thread (I've used about a skein and a half of my JL Walsh so far), I would be creating diagonal streaks instead of horizontal ones because that's how basketweave is done, which would look odd.

While I get back to my stitching, I have a fun link for you this morning.  Amy Bunger's staff have released her August newsletter, and this time it features guest appearances from former First Lady Barbara Bush, a new thread, and a vampire.  The newsletter also reveals the subject matter for Amy's next How'd You Do That? DVD....

As a reminder, Elaine Magnin's big sale ends today.  I don't know if the shop will be open much longer but visit now to pick up beauties like the Canvas of the Day or the Sophia kimono above at great prices.

Gone Stitchin's August sale starts tomorrow, with all canvases (except for trunk shows and Judaica designs) on sale during the entire month at 20% off.   The canvas above is one of Leigh's Floozies, partly stitched by Beth of ThreadworX which will be offering a companion stitch guide and thread set for anyone who wants to stitch Chardonay Charla or any of her seven friends.

If you want to see Alehouse Annie, the first canvas Beth stitched, go here and then click on "the Floozies."  Be prepared to smile at their jaunty hats, their choice of beverages, and of course their period dress.  Their charm is timeless, of course, but they are very 1890s otherwise.

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