Friday, April 29, 2011

Road Trip #4

It must be that spring gets us all out in our cars, taking road trips.  Donna hit the road this week, visiting Maryland shops and having a great time.

Linda shows photographs of her loot from her trip through Virginia and Maryland shops.  It sounds like a lovely road trip.

Cheryl, the Needlepoint Guide, has made a road trip of her own.

I guess we all should schedule a stitching road trip this spring!

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The Dress: A History UPDATED AGAIN

Susan talks about her hopes for Kate's wedding dress and gives us glimpses of other royal wedding gowns so that we can see how today's dress follows (or doesn't) the tradition of other British Royal Wedding gowns.

UPDATE:  The Royal Family has posted short videos on YouTube if you missed the first appearance of The Dress.

By the way, Vicky has done a wonderful summary of how stitchers are celebrating.  Me, I'm going to pull out my fancy scissors with the Diana Blue emery strawberry with a sterling top and the sterling silver frog charm and stitch a little in honor of the Newlyweds.  Good fortune to them.

Last UPDATE:  Susan as usual has the last word about The Dress, Veil and Jewelry.  Thanks very much for putting this all in context, Susan. 

Ok, I lied.  One more UPDATE.

And another, but this one with a video of a historian talking about prior Royal Wedding dresses, is not to be missed.

And the final update, a podcast about the creation of the dress with a slide show of different sections.

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