Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Elizabeth Bingham Wants Kneeler Photos

Elizabeth Bingham of the UK has created a website that will document and preserve Great Britain's 20th Century church kneelers for all.  The website is called Parish Kneelers.  

Here is the section of the website explaining how anyone with photos of parish kneelers from the UK can help build the database.  I know that many US needlepointers have visited English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish churches and taken photos of the kneelers.  If you have photos you would like to donate and remember which church they came from, read the instructions on how to contribute here.  Note the churches they have already added to the database at the bottom of the page.  Images are not needed for those.

By the way, Parish Kneelers has lots of tips for those who want to stitch kneelers for their own church.  There are links to resources for supplies, books, help designing your own, tips for repairs, even places to apply for grants.

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