Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Needlepoint Now Extras UPDATED AGAIN

Now that the September/October 2011 Needlepoint Now is in the mail and starting to arrive in subscribers' mailboxes, I wanted to tell you about a few extras that pertain to this issue.  If you are in love with the cover 9/11 commemorative piece and want to stitch it, Dale Miller says she has this canvas in her Canvases Be Gone shop.  This is a large and expensive piece, even at her discount price, but Dale says she will offer a further 15 percent discount to a buyer if they email her first to get a discount code before checking out.  I'm not sure how many copies Dale has of this canvas, so don't dawdle if you are interested.

If instead the back cover piece is on your To Do list, you'll want to read Robin King's slide bullion tips on stitching Hooty Owl's little feet.

Laura Perin shows off a close up version of step one of her beautiful Mystery Tryptich and lets us know the Watercolours number used should be 231 "Ethiopia" not 257.

If you loved the little gentleman's houndtooth vest that Anne Stradal of ABS Designs did in her column, you will enjoy watching her develop a new, smaller pattern that showcases a sweater vest under a jacket.  I hope it's a tweed jacket!  UPDATE:  Anne is continuing to post progress photos of her design.  I'll add them here as they are published so folks stumbling across this blog entry later can see everything.

UPDATE:  Karen told me about a series of gentlemen's clothing ornaments available from Finger Step Designs.  Aren't they just charming?!  Thanks, Karen!

Of course also inside is the free stitch guide for Temple of 1000 Cranes, stitched by me!  Don't miss reading through that to pick up tips to stitch any fantasy pagodas in the Leigh Design series.

This is the biggest issue they've ever put out, and it's a good one.  I've been reading my copy for a week and there is lots more to enjoy yet.  The trend of building on the current issue with online things is wonderful for us who follow needlepoint via the Internet and it makes this issue even better.

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Six In A Row (Plus Ruth) UPDATED

If you are a fan of Ruth Schmuff's mystery classes, you'll want to see the first of her six fashion geishas which is stitched, with the class instructions in the mail.

Ruth's mystery classes are explained on her website where you can see the entire set of six geishas standing patiently, waiting to be dressed...

...but basically you know the painted canvas but you have no idea what the finished piece looks like.  Neither does Ruth!  She works a section and sends you the instructions for it when that part is done.  You can expect a surprise package beautifully made up with all sort of interesting goodies inside since Ruth is not only a master stitcher, she's addicted to beads and sequins and ribbons and more.  A mystery class is always a fun class when Ruth is in charge.

Me, I'm waiting to find out what the background is going to be like!

UPDATE:  Here's the latest geisha. Work backwards in time to see the others.

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