Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Glowing: A Review

Ancora Crafts posted a comparison of DMC's and Kreinik's glow-in-the-dark threads on their blog last fall.  UPDATE:  The link is fixed!  Sorry!

I think the fraying issue she had with the Kreinik threads was due to using too small a needle, but as a cross stitcher, I am not sure she's experienced enough with a variety of threads to know this.  Cross stitch designs are usually designed to be done with cotton flosses, after all.  She also calls Kreinik metallics "plastic" which isn't true but I'm sure metallic threads are so different from cotton floss that she didn't know quite how to describe their feel.

For me, the value of this article is seeing how the various colors of Kreinik look in daylight and glowing in the dark.  Knowing the oranges look more yellow in the dark or seeing that the greens and blues and yellows are different greens in the dark is very helpful when trying to plan using a mix of these colors in a design.

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