Monday, November 14, 2011

Let's Hear it for Judie! (and Kathy Schenkel)

When I was wrestling with changing Blog's header photo, I decided that once I was able to change the photo, I'd switch to a seasonal design that didn't have to be changed often. I choose a photo of the darling little Kathy Schenkel mini sock that Judie Solomon stitched for me. Judie is the owner of Thistle Needleworks in Connecticut as well as the proprietress of Alex Paras Needle Arts, the online shop arm of Thistle.  I discovered Judie stitches little Kathy Schenkel Designs Christmas stockings for her family and asked if I could be adopted as a joke.  Judie obliged in the most wonderful way possible!

I found photos of some finished KSD stockings for your perusal.  Aren't they great?!

Because she's such a fan, Judie has a great many KSD stockings with matching stuffed items available via her online store.  Of course you can visit the Kathy Schenkel website and browse everything there, then have your local shop order the perfect mini stocking for you. After all, Judie can't adopt us all!

Thanks again, Judie.  I can't tell you how much pleasure your beautifully stitched little stocking has brought me.

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Ada's Four Cats

Ada Hayden of Eye Candy Needlepoint has created a series of cat canvases that take the iconic 1960s glamour cat into holiday territory. Throw in Vicky DeAngelis' purrfect stitching and you get cats who are fashionable, charming and a little bit wicked.  The first cat in the series is Witchy-Poo, she of the perfect background and tiny little witch hat.

Here is what she looks like turned into a little standup.

Santa Baby is next.  She has her gifts all picked out and her snowflakes polished, ready for Christmas Day.

A sleek cat whispered to me that the third cat in the series will be a 4th of July Kitty and there's an Easter one planned as well.  Stay tuned for photos of those next year.

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Rumor Mill

The rumor mill says there are new threads coming out at the January 2012 trade show. Rainbow Gallery will have four new glow in the dark colors in shades of lime, lavendar, orange and yellow. Hyla Hurley's High Cotton line is going to add twenty-one new colors, including six Christmas reds/magentas, two bright greens and --my favorite!-- four shades of old gold.

I've heard the new Gingher scissors limited edition for 2012 will be in my favorite shades of turquoise, blue, and green! I've never been on the bandwagon of picking up the limited edition Gingher colors, but next year I might have to make an exception....

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